Watch box capable of being locked reliably

A watch box and watch box technology, applied in the field of watch boxes, can solve problems such as loss of safety

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-09-25
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Watch packaging boxes are usually closed and locked by locks and buttons, and ...
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The invention relates to a watch box capable of being locked reliably. The watch box comprises a body, and is characterized in that two fixing belts are parallel arranged on the outer surface of the body, and belt fasteners are arranged on the belts. The watch box has the advantages that the traditional watch box structure comprising buckles or buttons which are used as locking mechanisms for a watch box is changed, the fixing belts with the belt fasteners are arranged on the outer surface of the body of the watch box and can penetrate the belt fasteners to be locked, and accordingly the watch box is safe, reliable and novel.

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Damagable goods packagingClamping mechanism

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FastenerEngineering +2


  • Watch box capable of being locked reliably


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Example Embodiment

[0008] Attached below Figure and Examples further describe the specific implementation of the present invention:
[0009] Attached Figure Shown is a schematic diagram of the embodiment of the watch box of the present invention Figure The watch box has a cylindrical body 1, two fixed belts 2 are arranged on the outer surface of the body 1 in parallel, and belt buckles 3 are arranged on the fixed belts 2. Place the watch in the watch box body 1, lock the belt buckle 3 on the fixed belt 2, and its appearance structure is as follows Figure Shown.


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