Glasses capable of being used as LED display screen

A technology of LED display and glasses, applied in the field of glasses, can solve problems such as single function

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[0002] Ordinary glasses can only correct vision ...
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The invention discloses a pair of glasses capable of being used as an LED display screen, comprising frames, lenses, a nose bridge, and interfaces. The lenses are placed in the frames. The two framesare connected through the nose bridge. The two interfaces are respectively arranged on the sides of the two frames. The glasses are more convenient.

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LED displayNose bridge +2


  • Glasses capable of being used as LED display screen


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Example Embodiment

[0010] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.
[0011] like figure 1 As shown, the glasses that can be used as LED display screens include a frame 1, a lens 2, a nose frame 3 and an interface 4, the lens 2 is placed in the frame 1, the two frames 1 are connected through the nose frame 3, and the two interfaces 4 are placed on one side of the two picture frames 1 respectively.
[0012] The insides of the spectacle frame 1 and the nosepiece 3 are hollow.
[0013] The lens 2 and the interface 4 are connected in series through wires.
[0014] When in use, the external playback device can be connected to the interface 4 through a connecting line.


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