Decorative garden fountain with loudspeaker

A decorative, loudspeaker technology, applied in the direction of loudspeaker transducer fixing, spraying device, liquid spraying device, etc., can solve the problem of limited function of decorative garden fountains

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-03
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Provided is a portable decorative fountain, comprising: a) a body with one or more cavities for collection of water; b) a pump for pumping the water from the cavity in an upward direction; c) a conduit for carrying water that is pumped by the pump; and d) a speaker for playing sound; wherein the fountain can be operated with or without the speaker playing sound.

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Loudspeaker transducer fixingLiquid spraying apparatus

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  • Decorative garden fountain with loudspeaker
  • Decorative garden fountain with loudspeaker
  • Decorative garden fountain with loudspeaker


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Example Embodiment

[0020] A portable decorative fountains, comprising: a) a portable body having one or more cavities for collecting the water; b) a pump for pumping water in an upward direction from the at least one cavity; C ) conduit for transporting pumped by said pump water; and d) a speaker, which is connected to the body for playing sounds. The loudspeaker is generally placed inside the body, the body having an opening for sound transmission.
[0021] To provide a decorative fountain 1 to the speaker 4. 1 may have a plurality of speakers fountain, 3, 4, or 5. Decorative fountains 1 may be adapted to be placed in the garden. Decorative fountains 1 may have one or more components, comprising a main body / housing 28, for collecting water (e.g., as shown as a pool in the form of) the cavity 7, the force generated by the pump 25 and a pump 25 for water 7 from the lowest level upward movement of the catheter cavity 29.
[0022] Fountain 1 may have one or more cavities 7 (pool), for example, 4 or 5 for collecting the water chamber 7. As shown above, three larger fountain 7 having a cavity and a cavity 7 smaller. 1 may be stacked fountain fountain (e.g. figure 1 As shown), where water falls from a pool in the lower pool to another location. 7 each cavity (pond) may have a light source 12 in the interior, which is illuminated by the water 7 (pool) in each cavity. The light source may be a LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps 12 may be monochromatic light, or polychromatic light. 12 above transparent (water) window 18 may be placed on the bottom of the one or more cavities 7 (pool) of the light source.
[0023] The speaker 4 can be placed on the bottom face outside of a fountain. Outwardly speaker 4 can be placed inside one of the two respective fountain 1 synroc. 1 may be on the bottom of the fountain comprises a plurality of artificial rock or 2, wherein the speaker grill 6 is placed in the opening 3 in one of two individual rock cut rock or 2. Fountain 1 may have a housing, the housing gives the impression that the presence of a plurality of rocks (e.g., rocks 10-30), and wherein the respective synroc 2 becomes a loudspeaker 4.
[0024] 1 may also have a fountain in front of the speaker 34, the speaker 34 is placed in another pool of water falling from the rear of a pool. Speaker 34 may be directly behind the water flow, or the rear side of the water flow.
[0025] Fountain / 1/28 housing may be made of a synthetic material such as plastic or the like. Fountain / 1/28 housing may have a flat bottom for the housing is placed on a surface. Fountain height / 1/28 housing may be (or at two feet to six feet (highest point)) from one foot to 4 feet from the bottom of the housing and the center of the length and / or width of one foot to three feet (at the maximum length )between. Internal fountain 1 may be hollow, represent only the shape of the rock wall of the housing 28, and is made of plastic look like rocks.
[0026] The housing may have a plurality of irregularly shaped openings 3, which is configured to allow the sound produced by the speaker 4 to travel from the interior of the housing 28 to the exterior of the housing 28. 4 Speaker 16 may be placed in a waterproof housing with a housing cover 17 and sealed.
[0027] Part (diaphragm) generating sound speaker 4 facing opening of the housing 3. The plurality of openings 3 may be formed in a manner spaced from each other arranged in a circle. It can have about 10 to 20 openings 3. In one embodiment, the housing 28 and between the surface of the speaker 4, alternatively, may have a sealing ring 6 and a speaker grill.
[0028] In the rear side of the housing 28 or may be an electronic access window 13, which may be removed to access the speaker 4, the terminal box 9 and the power supply line 8 and a wire 11. A circuit board having a processor can be placed inside the housing 28. The main processor board 19 may be in electronic communication with the port (e.g. a USB port 22), through the port opening 17 in the lid 28 of the housing accessible from outside. It may also have accessible from outside the housing 28 for opening and closing the switch of the speaker 4. The main processor 19 may also be used such as Bluetooth (Bluetooth chip) of a wireless communication processor 21 communicates with like configured. In one embodiment, a fountain may have a battery backup with or without solar panels, it is only the speaker 4 independently of the supply pump 25.
[0029] figure 1 Shows a garden fountains laminate 1 having a housing 28. exist figure 1 1 fountain laminate having at least three water collection chamber 7 (pool). Fountain 1 inside the pump 25 through the conduit 29 to the top of the fountain pump, but the water from one chamber to the other chamber 7 laminated stream 7. figure 1 Fountain 1 includes a housing 28, which gives the impression that the housing 28 made of a plurality of different shapes and sizes of the rocks were arranged to take into account the fountain laminate having a plurality of cavities 7.
[0030] figure 2 Shows the placement of an internal artificial rock fountain speaker 1 2 4, with respect to the front side of the water flows fountain fountain. In this embodiment, the speaker 4 is disposed at a position lower than the height of two feet. As shown in FIG 4 where the speaker 2 is placed in a small artificial rock above the rock on the ground artificial. In this embodiment, the loudspeaker 4 with respect to the cavity 7 is placed on the side of the fountain 1, at the cavity 7 of water accumulated in the bottom of the fountain. Grating 6 can be placed in front of the speaker 4, but the opening 3 of the rear. 3 is a part of the opening 17 of the housing cover. The housing cover 17 may be incorporated into the body, it gives the impression of the body part.
[0031] image 3 Shows an electronic component 1 the fountain. In the drawing is shown disposed on a side surface of the speaker 4 fountain. The junction box 4 is connected to a speaker 9 through a wire. Additional light source 12 into the wire. The light source 12 may be placed at the bottom of each cavity 7. Power line 8 that the lamp power may provide energy from an external energy source (usually an electrical plug). Power line 8 may exit window 13 by accessing a fountain.
[0032]Figure 4 1 shows a side view of the fountain. In the drawing is shown placed on the bottom side of the fountain 1, a speaker from the speaker wires 4 and 4.
[0033] Figure 5 Fountain shows a speaker on top of the fountain 5 4 1. Fountain 5 may be made of a plurality of different sizes of rock, such as a man-made rock 10-30 appearance, and the speaker 4 is placed inside it has been positioned on top of the fountain synroc 5 2.
[0034] Image 6 10 shows a fountain, a fountain which is substantially the same, except that instead of using a grid 15 in the opening 3 of the rock 2. Image 6 Also shows an additional speakers 35 and 36, they can be placed behind the water falls from one cavity to another cavity where the cavity. Fountain according to any one herein described may have only one speaker, or two, three or even four speakers. Where the speaker is placed directly in the water from one chamber to another chamber falls or rear side of the rear speaker can be hidden to some extent, or at least the speaker incorporated therein, and to provide a more decorative appearance . Further, the speaker may be placed in a higher position in the middle of the fountain.
[0035] Figure 7 16 shows a waterproof case. 4 is placed inside the speaker 16 of the waterproof case, the waterproof housing 16 is placed inside an artificial rock fountain 2.
[0036] Figure 8 Shows the loudspeaker is placed on the housing 164 accommodating the housing cover 17. The housing cover 17 has a plurality of openings 3, and forms part of the outer housing 28 of the fountain. The housing cover 17 may be painted in the same as the rest of the fountain 1.
[0037] Figure 9 Shows a fountain of water collection chamber 17 (pool). 18 below the lamp 12 may be placed on the bottom of each cavity 7 of the transparent window. Alternatively, the lamp 12 may be a watertight and need windows.
[0038] Figure 10 Fountain shows each electronic component 1, such as a speaker 4, CPU (Central Processing Unit) 19, a memory 20, Bluetooth chip 21, the light source 12, the power management unit 23, USB interface 22, a pump 25 and a power switch 26. Synchronization can be achieved between the light source 27 and the music sound from the speaker 12 is.
[0039] CPU (central processing unit) 19 may have an internal memory of the microcontroller 20. CPU19 can communicate with the speaker driver 4. CPU19 may also be capable of controlling and monitoring the communication with the power management unit 23 current. CPU19 can also be used for Bluetooth communication chip 21 performs radio communication with the user's smart phone or other electronic device 33 is configured. Users develop a wireless communication protocol such as Bluetooth chip 21 by, for example, to the speaker 4 paired electron or a mobile smart phone users 33, a tablet or a dedicated music player, or the like apparatus. Then, the user can play the content (eg, songs) on the speaker 4. After receiving the radio signal, the speaker system form a connection with a user device (pairing). Then the speaker 4 receives the audio content from the user device. The audio content may be used as a live streaming playing (as desired with minimal buffering), or a timeout and stored in the memory 20 play.
[0040] Alternatively, a port (e.g. a USB port 22) for a wired connection in order to play the audio content (songs) and / or the user's electronic device is charged. Timeout can play audio content from a storage device such as a flash drive memory upload a speaker 20, and the speaker 4.
[0041] By using the sensor 24, for example, sound effects, and the lamp 12 can make sound from the speaker 4 are synchronized. Lamp 12 may change color and / or lumens / intensity based on characteristics of the sound produced by the loudspeaker 4.
[0042] In one embodiment, the plurality of fountain play the same sound in a synchronized manner. Figure 13 Shows a possible arrangement of the network. Top arrangement shows a simple network electronic device (the smart phone 33) and a loudspeaker having a user. The middle shows a mesh network, wherein each speaker configured to communicate with the smart phone and every other speaker. The user's telephone further configured to communicate with each speaker. The following figure shows a loudspeaker as a host, and then, in the housing, to send all the other speakers to communicate with other audio content to the speaker.
[0043] Figure 11 Shows a fountain, in which the speaker is located above the rock cavity 7 containing water (7 in this case, two cavities). In this figure, the upper cavity 3 in the two speaker opening. 3 immediately below the opening of a speaker pool shifted to the right, and the opening in the bottom speaker has a channel 31, the channel 31 into the lower chamber 7. The lower cavity 7 is located below the speaker opening. Speaker opening 3 may be placed below the other in the cavity 7 in order to protect against damage from an opening above the water chamber. Speaker opening 3 may have a downward angle, such as about 1 degree to about 45 degrees. With respect to any speaker opening 7 cavities (e.g., cavity bottommost 7) ​​in a recessed position. Speaker opening 3 may be located inside the cavity, the cavity is formed by the other chamber 7 is placed in the fountain.
[0044] Figure 14 38 shows its speakers placed directly behind the fountain 7 is a cavity filled with water. In this embodiment, the speaker 38 is placed directly behind the water-filled cavity 7. In this embodiment, the speaker 38 is placed in the cavity 7 is filled with subsequent water stream 39, 40 from two separate cavities, one of the two cavities 38 positioned directly above the loudspeaker, while the other 38 is located above the side of the speaker. The cavity 38 above the loudspeaker 7 is a loudspeaker below the water chamber 387 and the cavity 7 of the upper right speaker 38. In the present embodiment, immediately and directly above the respective cavities 38 below the speaker 38 in front of the speaker 7 extends, and extends further forward as compared to the top of the cavity in the cavity 38 in front of the speaker, and therefore from water top chamber 7 falls within the lower chamber. Speaker 38 may be further placed on the rear side of the cavity 7 to further obscure the speaker 38. 7 is placed in the pit is formed by the cavity in the speaker 38 so that sound from the body itself may be one or more openings out, wherein these openings are oriented vertically, having an orientation perpendicular or at 45 degrees. In the present embodiment, a portion of the sound from the speaker 38 from the cavity 7 of the body of water in a rebound.


Weight1.0 ~ 200.0kg

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