Shielding tent

A tent and canopy body technology, applied in tents/canopies, building types, buildings, etc., can solve problems such as inability to effectively shield tents from electromagnetic wave interference, electromagnetic wave leakage, electromagnetic wave pollution, etc. The effect of leakage emission and high shielding efficiency

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A traditional outdoor tent mainly includes a support frame, tent cloth and ropes. During the assembly and disassembly process, the support frame needs to be assembled, and then the tent cloth is set on the support frame. The fabric is ordinary waterproof fabric, which cannot effectively shield the electromagnetic wave interference outside the tent. Today, with the rapid development of electronic technology, the electromagnetic environmen...
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Method used

Referring to Fig. 1, shown in Fig. 2, a kind of shielding tent comprises tent pad 3, tent body 1 and support 2, and described tent body is made by shielding inner layer 11, soundproof middle layer 12 and waterproof outer layer 13, The waterproof outer layer 13 of the awning body 1 is provided with a pipe sleeve intersecting the awning roof that matches the size of the support 2, the support 2 passes through the pipe sleeve to fix the awning body 1, and the awning pad 3 is placed in the awning body 1; There is a door 4 on one side of 1, and the door 4 and the tent body 1 are connected by a two-wa...
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The invention relates to a shielding tent. The shielding tent comprises a tent pad, a tent body and a bracket, wherein the tent body consists of a shielding inner layer, a sound insulating middle layer and a waterproof outer layer; a pipe sleeve matched with the bracket in size and intersected with the bracket at a tent roof is arranged on the waterproof outer layer of the tent body; the bracket penetrates through the pipe sleeve to fix the tent body; the tent pad is arranged in the tent body; an access door is formed in one side of the tent body, and is connected with the tent body through a two-way zipper; a waterproof lining belt is arranged at the waterproof outer layer of the two-way zipper; and a shielding lining belt is arranged at the shielding inner layer of the two-way zipper. The shielding tent has better shielding effect on electromagnetic waves, and has the advantages of rain prevention, sound insulation, simple installation and convenience for carrying.

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[0011] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings;
[0012] See figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, a shielded tent includes a canopy pad 3, a canopy body 1, and a bracket 2. The canopy body is made of a shielding inner layer 11, a soundproof middle layer 12, and a waterproof outer layer 13. The waterproof outer layer 13 of the canopy body 1 is provided There is a tube sleeve that meets the size of the bracket 2 and intersects the roof. The bracket 2 passes through the tube sleeve to fix the roof body 1, and the roof pad 3 is placed in the roof body 1; an exit door 4 is opened on one side of the roof body 1 , The door 4 and the canopy body 1 are connected by a two-way zipper 5; the waterproof outer layer 13 of the two-way zipper 5 is provided with a waterproof liner to prevent rainwater from penetrating from the zipper gap, and the two-way zipper 5 shields the inner layer 11 Equipped with shielding tape to prevent the signal from leaking through the zipper gap.
[0013] The shielding tent of the present invention is manufactured according to the tent manufacturing process. The shielding tent of the present invention is composed of nano-ion shielding fabrics, which can effectively inhibit electromagnetic leakage emission and power line conduction leakage emission.


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