Desk with widened desktop

A technology of desks and desktop boards, applied in the field of desks, can solve problems such as being difficult to meet actual use needs, and achieve the effect of convenient stacking of supplies

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-05-06
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] The desks used by students now have a fixed area of ​​the desktop. Because there are many lear...
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The invention provides a desk with a widened desktop. Foldable side plates are connected with the two sides of a desktop plate through hinges. During the utilization, based on needs, the side plates arranged on the two sides can be set up and be flush with the desktop plate, so that a widened integration is formed. Therefore, things are convenient to pile during the student study.

Application Domain

Extensible tablesSchool benches

Technology Topic

Electrical and Electronics engineeringDesk


  • Desk with widened desktop


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0008] figure 1 Shown: The desk is connected to a foldable side panel 2 on both sides of the desktop panel 1 through hinges 3.


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