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Multi purpose fish-hook case including fishline binding device

A multi purpose fish-hook case with fishline binding device is disclosed. The fish-hook case (1), used for keeping a variety of fish-hook therein, of this invention consists of a main body (10) provided with a lid (15). This lid (15) is designed to be elastically opened around its hinged portion due to a spring force through a one-touch opening process when a user presses down a first actuation button (11) provided at a predetermined position of the lid's central portion. This lid (11) also has a window (16) at a predetermined position, thus allowing the user to see the contents of the case (1). A steel plate (23) is fixed to a predetermined position at one side within the main body (10) of the case (1). At least one fish-hook container (20, 20a) is magnetically and removably attached to the steel plate (23) due to its bottom magnet (22) and designed to regularly and inclinedly receive a variety of fish-hooks therein. An accessory case (30) is fixed to the other side within the main body (10) of the fish-hook case (1), with a cover (33) hinged to the accessory case (30) by a hinge (35) and elastically opened by a spring (36) when the user operates a second button (34). The accessory case (30) has a plurality of cells (32) separately receiving a variety of fishing accessories therein. A fishline binding device receiving cell is formed at a predetermined portion within the main body (10), with a fishline binding device (19) used for tying a desired fishline to a desired fish-hook and received within the fishline binding device receiving cell. The multi purpose fish-hook case of this invention thus allows a user to more easily, rapidly and simply tie a fishline to a fish-hook and to easily and simply keep such fish-hooks with the fishlines within the fish-hook container. The multi purpose fish-hook case of this invention also has a means for measuring the length and weight of the fish. This fish-hook case may be also provided with a radio, a flashlight and/or a gas lighter.
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