Self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate

A cable trench cover and climbing technology, which is applied in cable installation, ground cable installation, electrical components, etc., can solve the problems of pedestrian safety hazards, affecting work efficiency, manpower burden, etc., to improve safety and simplicity Effectiveness, strong practicability, simple installation and use

Active Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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[0004] It is well known that cable trenches are widely used in substations, social streets and living quarters. Cable trenches are set between each section of cable trenches to facilitate daily repairs and maintenance. The cable trenches are covered with cover plates. The depth of the cable trench is different according to different needs. When maintaining the cable trench, electric personnel need to use a ladder when entering a deep cable trench. In this way, the electric personnel must carry the ladder with them, which not only imposes a burden on manpower, but also affects work efficiency. At the same time, ...
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The invention discloses a self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate, and relates to the technical field of power equipment. The self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate consists of a cable trench, a cover plate, stand columns, a bracket and a ladder, wherein the cover plate is arranged on the cable trench; the cover plate is provided with the stand columns and the bracket; a rotary shaft is arranged in each stand column; a pulling wire is arranged on the rotary shaft; an opening is formed in the wall of each stand column; a fixed clamp is arranged on one side of the opening; the bracket is connected with the ladder; one end of the bracket is arranged on the cover plate; one end of the bracket is connected with the ladder; one end of the ladder is connected with the bracket; and the other end of the ladder is fixed at the bottom of the cable trench. The self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate is high in practicability, quite simple to install and use, and capable of reducing tool carrying amount of an electric power staff, effectively isolating and warning around the cable trench when the electric power staff is in operation in the trench, and improving operating safety and convenience.

Application Domain

Cable installations on ground

Technology Topic

Power equipmentSelf locking +1


  • Self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate
  • Self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate
  • Self-locking and climbable cable trench cover plate


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Example Embodiment

[0022] The present invention can be explained in detail through the following embodiments, and the purpose of disclosing the present invention is to protect all technical improvements within the scope of the present invention.
[0023] Attached Figure 1~5 The self-locking and climbable cable trench cover includes a cable trench 3, a cover plate 1, a column 2, a bracket 6, and a ladder 4. The cable trench 3 is provided with a cover plate 1, and the cover plate 1 is provided There are a column 2 and a bracket 6. The column 2 is provided with a rotating shaft 8, the rotating shaft 8 is provided with a pull wire 5, the wall of the column 2 is provided with an opening, one side of the opening is provided with a fixing clip 7, and the bracket 6 is connected with a ladder 4. One end of the ladder 6 is set on the cover 1, one end of the support 6 is connected to the ladder 4, one end of the ladder 4 is connected to the support 6, and the other end of the ladder 4 is fixed to the bottom of the cable trench 3; the cover 1 is long Square, round or elliptical structure, the cover plate 1 is made of hard, pressure-resistant material; the column 2 is a hollow structure of cuboid, cylinder or prism, the column 2 is provided with a rotating shaft 8 inside. The two ends of 8 are connected to the upper and lower walls of the column 2 respectively. The upper end of the rotating shaft 8 extends out of the column 2 and the upper surface of the column 2 is exposed to the outside of the column 2. The rotating shaft 8 is wound with a pulling wire 5, and one end of the pulling wire 5 is wound on the rotating shaft 8. , The other end of the guy wire 5 extends out of the post 2 through the opening of the post 2, and there are at least three posts 2, and the adjacent posts 2 are connected to each other by the guy wires 5. There is at least one guy wire 5 connecting the posts 2, and the post 2 There is a bayonet 9 at the bottom of the bayonet, and a snap ring 10 is provided on the cover 1 corresponding to the bayonet 9 position. The column 2 is hung on the buckle 9 through the snap ring 10 to connect to the cover 1; the bracket 6 is folded The bracket 6 is made of hard, compression-resistant material. The bracket 6 is made of two sections. Each section of the bracket 6 and the ladder 4 are connected by a connecting shaft, and each section of the bracket 6 is folded by a connecting shaft. And expand.
[0024] To implement the self-locking and climbable cable trench cover of the present invention, when in use, first open the cover 1, and while pulling the cover 1, each folded bracket 6 extends through the connecting shaft until the cover The plate 1 is fully opened and placed on the ground with the bottom face up. At this time, the ladder 4 remains unmoved and exposed in the cable trench 3, and the electrical personnel can enter the cable trench 3 through the ladder. At this time, the electrical personnel first remove the retaining ring 10 The column 2 is separated from the cover plate 1, and the column 2 on one side is pulled out. The cable 5 on the column 2 is stretched out of the column 2 under the rotation of the shaft 8. When the column 2 is pulled to the proper position, the cable is pulled 5 is fixed to the fixing clip 7 on the side of the opening, so that the pull wire 5 can be avoided being pulled out randomly and entangled chaotically. Place the post 2 around the cable trench 3 and fix it on the ground through a snap ring preset on the ground. A polygon is formed between the uprights 2 to isolate the cable trench 3, and the cable 5 between the uprights 2 can effectively isolate and warn pedestrians on the road, avoiding pedestrians from accidentally falling into the cable trench 3. At this time, electric personnel can enter the cable through the ladder 4 Ditch 3 operation. When the operation is completed, the electrician removes the column 2 fixed on the ground, and rotates the shaft 8 to extend the part outside the column 2, so that the cable 5 is retracted and wound on the shaft 8 inside the column 2, and then the card The ring 10 is clamped on the bayonet 9 of the column 2 to connect the column 2 and the cover plate 1 again, push the cover plate 1, and under the squeeze of the cover plate 1, the brackets 6 of each section begin to fold, when the cover plate 1 is completely and the cable trench 3 When closed, the brackets 6 are folded and retracted on both sides of the ladder 4, so that the electric power personnel do not need to carry or even transport a large number of tools such as the ladder 4 and warning posts every time the cable trench is maintained.
[0025] The unspecified part of the present invention is the prior art.


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