Solid flexible seal method for boilers in power plants

A flexible sealing and boiler technology, applied in steam boilers, steam boiler accessories, steam boiler components, etc., can solve problems such as affecting the sealing effect and cracking of the sealing layer.

Inactive Publication Date: 2007-07-25
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However, due to the inevitable expansion and contraction due to the change of boiler temperature, this process cann...
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The present invention relates to a stereo flexible sealing method for electric power plant boiler. Said invention includes wall-passing pipe, water cooling wall, and drum and sealing layer. It is characterized by that on the described wall-passing pipe and wall cooling wall the steel nails are welded, the described sealing layer is made up by using ceramic fiber cotton and steel net, making them be successively mounted on the steel nails, making them be mutually adhered together, and then laying fire-resistant poured material on the steel net. The described steel net and steel nails are welded together firmly, so that the sealing layer can be formed into a stereoscopic sealing whole body in the boiler leakage position. The material adopted by said invention is a flexible material, so that said invention can effectively solve the air leakage and ash leakage problem of boiler.

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  • Solid flexible seal method for boilers in power plants


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[0010] It can be seen from the drawings that the present invention includes a water wall 1, a wall-piercing pipe 2, a steam drum 3, and a sealing layer 4. It is characterized in that steel nails are welded on the wall-piercing pipe 2 and the water-cooling wall 1, and the sealing layer 4 The ceramic fiber cotton and the steel mesh are successively inserted on the steel nails and bonded to each other, and then the refractory castable is laid on the steel mesh, and the steel mesh and the steel nails are welded firmly. In this way, the sealing layer 4 forms a three-dimensional seal at the leaking part of the boiler. Since the materials used are all flexible materials, it has the characteristics of absorbing and adjusting expansion. When the boiler heats up and expands, it can effectively absorb the amount of expansion and can follow the leakage. The part expands and expands instead of rigidly restraining the expansion, which inevitably solves the problem of boiler air leakage and ash leakage, and achieves the purpose of the present invention.


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