Composition expressing 10YR 3/1 pigment and technical method for preparing color characterization objects by using the same

A technology of composition and characterization, which is applied in the directions of pigment slurry, color measurement device, and device for coating liquid on the surface, etc., can solve the problem of inability to precisely control, and achieve small color difference, good ratio reproducibility, and accuracy. high degree of effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-07-01
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[0005] At present, China is still in the stage of being unable to accurately control the technology from the theoretical value in th...
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The invention discloses a composition expressing 10YR 3/1 pigment and a technical method for preparing a color characterization object by using the composition. The composition comprises the following components by weight portion: 995 to 1,005 portions of CSC-C base stock, 18.3 to 18.9 portions of PR 101 of which the pigment content is 65 percent, 5.05 portions of PBK 7 of which the pigment content is 9 percent, and 7.1 to 7.5 portions of PW6 of which the pigment content is 65 percent. The main component of the CSC-C base stock is acrylic acid polymer of which the content is between 35 and 45 percent; the contrast ratio of the base stock is between 0.20 and 0.40, the Stoke viscosity of the base stock is between 90 and 100 KU; and when the incidence angle is 85 DEG, the lustrousness of the base stock is between 5 and 10. The color characterization object has good weather resistance and stability, and good matching reproduction quality, and raw materials and process used meet the environment-friendly requirement and standard of low VOC and zero VOC; and compared with the standard value of a theoretical model in national standard of Chinese color system, the color characterization object has small color difference, has high accuracy in color realization, and can be widely applied in a plurality of fields related to color.

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Liquid surface applicatorsColor measuring devices +2

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ChemistryColor difference +11


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Example Embodiment

[0022] Example 1:
[0023] Weigh 18.57 grams of PR101, 5.05 grams of PBK7, 7.31 grams of PW6, and 1000 grams of CSC-B base material by weight. Mix and mix the above materials, and then apply the resulting composition to the substrate evenly and evenly under the conditions of an ambient relative humidity of 50%±5% and a room temperature of 23±2°C using a mechanical coating method. It is a metallic material or a non-metallic material, the wet film thickness of the coating is 250μm, then it is placed in a precision oven at 50±2℃ to dry for 3~4h to constant weight, taken out, and cooled to room temperature to obtain a color characterization object.

Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 2:
[0025] Weigh 18.57 grams of PR101, 5.05 grams of PBK7, 7.1 grams of PW6, and 1,000 grams of CSC-C base material by weight. The production process is the same as in Example 1.

Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 3:
[0027] Weigh 18.57 grams of PR101, 5.05 grams of PBK7, 7.5 grams of PW6, and 1005 grams of CSC-C base material by weight. The production process is the same as in Example 1.


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  • Good ratio reproducibility
  • High weather resistance and stability
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