Garbage bin with automatically lifted cover

A trash can, automatic technology, applied in the field of trash can, can solve the problem of inconvenience of throwing garbage

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-03-06
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[0002] Trash cans are an indispensable item in life. Because the garbage will emit a pungent smell, most trash cans are covered. We use pedal trash cans at home, and trash cans in public pl...
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The invention relates to a garbage bin with an automatically lifted cover, which belongs to the public health facilities. The garbage bin comprises a bin body and a bin cover, wherein the bin body comprises a base plate, a front plate, a back plate and two side plates, the front plate and the back plate are rectangular, the lower half parts of the two side plates are rectangular, and the top ends of the two side plates are triangular; a rotating shaft is installed on the top ends of the two side plates, and two shifting forks are respectively and fixedly connected with both ends of the rotating shaft; a motor is installed outside the top end of one side plate; the bin cover comprises a front side bin cover and a back side bin cover, and the two bin covers are installed on the rotating shaft; two pyroelectric sensors are respectively installed in the middle parts of the front side bin cover and the back side bin cover; and the motor is connected with the rotating shaft and the two pyroelectric sensors. The garbage bin with the automatically lifted cover can automatically sense that people approach, the bin cover is automatically lifted, therefore, the garbage bin is convenient for old people, children or disabled people to put garbage, and after the people leave, the bin cover is automatically closed.

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Refuse receptacles

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  • Garbage bin with automatically lifted cover


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[0008] As shown in the figure, an automatic flip-up trash can includes a body 1 and a lid. The body 1 includes a bottom plate, a front panel, a back panel, and two side panels. The front panel and the back panel are rectangular, The lower half of each side plate is rectangular, and the top end is triangular. A rotating shaft 4 is installed at the top of the two side plates, and two ends of the rotating shaft 4 are fixedly connected with a shift fork 7 which includes two short rods, and the two short rods are respectively parallel to the upper barrel cover. A motor 5 is installed outside the top of the side plate. The lid includes a front side lid 2 and a rear side lid 3, and the two lids are installed on the rotating shaft 4 and can rotate around the rotating shaft 4. Two pyroelectric sensors 6 are respectively installed in the center of the front cover 2 and the rear cover 3, and the motor 5 is connected to the rotating shaft 4 and the two pyroelectric sensors 6.
[0009] The automatic lid-opening trash can is equipped with two pyroelectric sensors 6, which side of the pyroelectric sensor 6 senses someone approaching, it will control the motor 5 to work, the shaft 4 rotates, and drives the fork 7 on the shaft 4 Rotating upwards, the shift fork 7 pushes the side bucket cover 3 open, thereby completing the function of automatically flipping the cover. After a person walks, the bucket cover is automatically closed.


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