Bitter gourd ice cream and preparation method thereof

A production method, ice cream technology, applied in frozen desserts, food science, applications, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-04-02
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[0002] In hot summer, eating ice cream is the first choice for people to quench their thirst. With people's pursuit of food taste, there are various flavors of ice cream on the market, but ice cream with...
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Bitter gourd ice cream comprises main materials of bitter gourd, milk, honey, flour, butter and water. The bitter gourd ice cream has well-selected materials, has the detoxification and heat-clearing effects while bringing a certain cool feeling for people in summer days, and is low in manufacturing cost, convenient to operate, and convenient to popularize.

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Frozen sweets

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Ice creamBitter gourd +1


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[0013] Example: The bitter gourd ice cream of the present invention is carried out according to the following parts and steps:
[0014] Main ingredients: bitter gourd and flour
[0015] The auxiliary materials are: milk, honey, butter, and water. The production steps are as follows:
[0016] (1) Take 500g bitter gourd, steam it, put it in a blender and stir into puree;
[0017] (2) Take 250g of flour, stir fry for 20 minutes, and cool;
[0018] (3) Step (1) Add 250g of water to the bitter gourd that has been stirred into mud, and stir;
[0019] (4) In step (3), add step (2) to stir-fry the cooled flour and stir;
[0020] (5) In step (4), add 10g honey and 5g butter, and stir;
[0021] Pour the bitter gourd pulp prepared in step (5) into a box and put it in a refrigerator at a temperature of -10°C for 8 hours to prepare bitter gourd ice cream.


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