Novel power socket

A power socket, a new type of technology, applied in the direction of circuits, electrical components, contact parts, etc., can solve problems such as inconvenience of use, and achieve the effect of convenient use

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-03-25
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The bottom box of an ordinary wall power socket does not need wiring, and all the wiring is directly connected to the corresponding wiring hole of the panel. Therefore, ...
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The invention relates to a novel power socket. Three binding posts are arranged on a bottom box of the wall socket and connected with a null wire, a live wire and a ground wire respectively and meanwhile plug wire holes connected with the null wire, the live wire and the ground wire respectively are further formed in three corners of the bottom box. Three plug wire heads are arranged at three corresponding corners of a panel of the socket, the three plug wire heads are connected with corresponding contacts of a two-three plug module in the panel respectively, and when the three plug wire heads on the panel are inserted into the three plug wire holes of the corresponding bottom box, connection of an electrical circuit of the whole socket is completed. Once the panel of the wall socket has electrical failures, users only need to pull the panel out of the bottom box and plug a new panel into the bottom box, and the novel power socket is very convenient to use.

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Coupling contact members

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  • Novel power socket
  • Novel power socket
  • Novel power socket


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[0012] in figure 1 In the embodiment, the present invention is mainly composed of a bottom box 1 and a panel 7. Three terminals 4 are provided on the bottom box 1, and the neutral, live, and ground wires can be connected to the corresponding terminal 4 respectively. Each terminal 4 is connected to the corresponding plug hole 2 through a wire 3, The wire hole 2 is in the shape of a column, and the outside is insulated, and the hollow copper column inside is conductive.
[0013] in figure 2 , image 3 In the embodiment, the present invention is provided with three plug-in heads 6 on the panel 7, and each plug-in head 6 is respectively connected to the corresponding contact in the two-three plug-in module 5, and each plug-in head 6 is connected to the plug-in hole on the bottom box 1. 2 Correspondingly, the plug-in connector 6 is a copper conductor. When the plug-in connector 6 is inserted into the plug-in hole 2 in an embedded manner, the copper plug is in close contact with the copper pillar and communicates with each other, thus being the socket 8 on the two-three plug-in module 5. powered by.


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