Safety ladder assembly on ship

A ladder frame and safety technology, applied in the direction of ladders, buildings, building structures, etc., can solve the problems of large space occupation, low safety performance, and inability to fully ensure the phenomenon of vibrating slides, so as to reduce the occupied space and improve safety sexual effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-06-03
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The fixed climbing ladder includes a ladder frame. The top of the ladder frame includes lifting lugs. The bottom of the ladder frame is fixedly connected with the berth by means of bolts or steel nails. The disadvantage of the fixed climbing ladder is that the center of the climbing ladder and the berth are relatively fixed. The ship needs to be equipped with various specifications of boarding ladders
The movable climbing ladder is a moving climbing ladder. In use of the existing climbi...
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The invention relates to a safety ladder assembly on a ship. The safety ladder assembly comprises a ladder assembly body and an inclined ladder, wherein the top of the ladder assembly body is connected with a retractable frame; the top of the retractable frame is fixedly connected with a hook; the retractable frame comprises vertical rods on the two sides and a transverse beam which is fixedly connected between the vertical rods on the two sides; the vertical rods of the retractable frame are sleeved with two side rods of the ladder assembly body and are fixedly connected with the ladder assembly body by plate buckles; and the side rods of the ladder assembly body are fixedly connected with a plurality of rubber sleeves. By virtue of the safety ladder assembly, the defect that a traditional fixed ship climbing ladder is inflexible to use is overcome; and compared with an existing movable ship climbing ladder, the safety ladder assembly has the advantages that the use safety is improved and the occupying space is reduced.

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  • Safety ladder assembly on ship


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[0009] The specific embodiments of the present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.
[0010] see figure 1 , The present invention includes a ladder frame 1 and an inclined ladder 2. The top of the ladder frame 1 is connected to a telescopic frame 4, and the top of the telescopic frame 4 is fixedly connected to a hook 5. The telescopic frame 4 includes a vertical rod 40 and a cross beam 41 connected between the vertical rods 40. The vertical rods 40 on both sides are sleeved in the rods 10 on both sides of the ladder frame 1, and are fastened by the lever 3; in order to improve safety, the ladder frame A plurality of rubber sleeves 11 are fixed on the side rod of 1.


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