Outdoor air conditioner system based on Internet of Things and monitoring method

A technology of Internet of Things system and air-conditioning system, applied in the field of air-conditioning

Pending Publication Date: 2021-11-05
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The invention discloses an outdoor air conditioner system based on the Internet of Things and a monitoring method. The air conditioner system involves an air conditioner body and an Internet of Things system connected with the air conditioner body; a processing chip, an anti-theft module and a wireless module are arranged in the air conditioner body, wherein the anti-theft module and the wireless module are connected with the processing chip, and a GPS positioning module, an alarm and a self-locking module which are connected are arranged in the anti-theft module; and the Internet of Things system is provided with a server and a wireless gateway, the GPS positioning module communicates with the input end of the wireless gateway, and the output end of the wireless gateway is connected to the input end of the server in a wireless transmission mode. According to the monitoring method, the state information of the air conditioner body is sent through the GPS positioning module and the wireless module in the air conditioner body, the state information is transmitted to the server through the wireless gateway, and the effects of real-time monitoring and effective theft prevention are achieved.

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  • Outdoor air conditioner system based on Internet of Things and monitoring method
  • Outdoor air conditioner system based on Internet of Things and monitoring method
  • Outdoor air conditioner system based on Internet of Things and monitoring method


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Example Embodiment

[0026] The present invention will be described in more detail below with reference to the examples and the drawings, but the embodiments of the present invention are not limited thereto.
[0027] like figure 1 with image 3 FIG An IOT outdoor air conditioning system, air conditioning, and a body connected to the air conditioning system of things based on the body; the air conditioner body provided inside the chip and the processing module and the wireless module and a security chip connected; the said security module is provided with the GPS positioning module is connected, the self-locking and alarm module; the IOT system comprises a server and a wireless gateway; an input terminal of the communication module and the wireless GPS positioning gateway, the output of the wireless gateway over a wireless an input terminal connected to the transmission server.
[0028] Learn conditioned by changing the body position of the GPS positioning module security module conditioning the body, and real-time monitoring the signal strength of the wireless gateway communication. When the difference in signal intensity is detected a plurality of times, with the usual strength greater than the threshold, it determines conditioning body position change. When the air-conditioning wireless module body position changes every 10 seconds through a wireless gateway server transmits the report of the air conditioner main body, while the body of the chip transmission conditioning burglar alarm by the alarm module, wireless gateway conditioning departing from the scope of the body, from the server wireless gateway detects the signal is weak body conditioning, air conditioning body does not receive authorization to use the information within a certain time after the air conditioner body self-locking module starts, body conditioning stopped, to avoid loss of assets, usually outdoors outdoor air-conditioning, no modern and advanced security facilities, easy to lose, via GPS module can effectively avoid the theft of air conditioning.
[0029] like figure 2 Shown, the air conditioner body further includes a compressor, cooling fan, hot air, and the processing chip is connected to the battery, the compressor is also connected with a cooling coil, the cooling coil, the lead storage battery or lithium battery acid battery.
[0030] The secondary battery is increasing interest in solar power generation device, which is complementary of another charging mode, reduce maintenance personnel, the number of battery replacement back and forth.
[0031] The body of the air conditioner through the wireless gateway wireless module reports the status information to the server, such as: battery power, remaining battery operating time, authorization time, speed cooling fan, hot air velocity, temperature cooling coil, the cooling coil temperature, ambient temperature , compressor status. Server processing state body conditioning, calculate the health status of the device. Notification device management. By understanding these server status information, you can know when the battery needs to be replaced, first check the air conditioning needs to be updated battery which, based on historical data to predict how many attractions batteries need to be replaced, thus facilitating the maintenance personnel to replace the battery, and leave out the spare battery in the sights, this reduces investment, application data to manage batteries, efficient use of the battery, avoid excessive battery purchase.
[0032] Second compressor can understand whether leakage of fluorine, there is a risk of leakage of fluorine and aging risks compressor. After 5 minutes, by starting the compressor, the server computing environment temperature, cooling coil stabilizing heat coil temperature, draw cooling capacity, cooling capacity when the historical data becomes weak, it can be determined leakage of fluorine. Similarly, when when the compressor operating current and historical data is large, it is determined that the compressor aging, need to be updated to meet environmental effect, the compressor has a slight leakage of fluorine, timely maintenance staff, to avoid damage to the ozone fluorine.
[0033] Outdoor air-conditioning installation in small living space, power is 350W, powered by a lithium battery, can be measured 8 hours time shorter lead-acid battery. There are ways to work longer hours (not tested), plus an auxiliary solar power, and the temperature was adjusted to a relatively high temperature that, in theory, 350W mounting panels, Oki eight hours during the day and night can work eight hours.
[0034] like Figure 4 , The present invention provides a method for monitoring the outdoor air-conditioning system based IOT, comprising the steps of:
[0035] Step 1, the GPS positioning module of the air conditioner body transmits position information to the wireless gateway, the wireless gateway transmits location information to the Internet of Things system;
[0036] Step Second, the server of the Internet of Things system monitors the location of the air-conditioning body based on the location information. When the air conditioner body is within the wireless gateway range, the server transmits the authorized use of information to the air-conditioning body through the wireless gateway, the air conditioner body is operated; air conditioning body When leaving the wireless gateway, the server is weak from the air-conditioned body signal detected by the wireless gateway, and the air conditioning body is not activated after receiving the authorized usage information for a certain period of time, and the air conditioner is stopped.
[0037] A step between said step and further comprising the step of two S:
[0038] The signal strength of the air conditioner body position is detected. When the position of the air conditioner body does not change, the signal intensity difference detected by the server is smaller than the threshold, and the air conditioner is operating normally. When the position fluctuation of the air conditioner body, the signal intensity difference detected Big than the threshold, the processing chip of the air-conditioned body transmits an early warning through the alarm of the anti-theft module.
[0039] After two further comprising the step of three steps:
[0040] Step three, the server monitors the air-conditioned ontology state in real time, transmitting the control command through the server, the air-conditioning body status information is transmitted to the wireless gateway input through the wireless module, and the wireless gateway output transmits the information to the server.
[0041]The air conditioning body status information is a battery power, a battery remaining working time, an authorized usage time, a cold fan speed, a thermal fan speed, a cold coil temperature, a hot coil temperature, ambient temperature, a compressor state of one or more combinations.
[0042] Step three after the step three:
[0043] Step 4, the server processes the air conditioning body state, and calculates the health status of the air conditioner body.
[0044] The above embodiments are preferred embodiments of the present invention, but the embodiments of the present invention are not limited by the above embodiments, and any other variation, modification, alternative, combination, combination of the spirit and principles of the invention.Simplified, it should be equivalent to an equivalent replacement method, which is included within the scope of the present invention.


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