Positioning and help seeking life jacket

A life jacket and locator technology, which is applied in the direction of marine signal devices, etc., can solve the problems of poor life-saving effect and achieve the effect of good life-saving effect and easy use

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-07-01
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[0002] The life-saving equipment currently equipp...
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The invention relates to a life jacket device, and provides a positioning and help seeking life jacket. The positioning and help seeking life jacket is composed of a life jacket, a positioned and a help seeking device, and the positioner and the help seeking device are arranged on the life jacket, as shown in a picture in the specification. When a person is in danger, the positioner and the help seeking device are started, so rescue people receive a help seeking signal, timely rush to the person, and enforce rescue to solve the danger. The positioning and help seeking life jacket has the advantages of simple use and good lifesaving effect.

Application Domain

Vessel signalling devices

Technology Topic



  • Positioning and help seeking life jacket


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0007] Specific implementation plan
[0008] The positioning and rescue life jacket is composed of a life jacket (1), a locator (2) and a rescue device (3). The locator (2) and the rescue device (3) are installed on the life jacket. When a person encounters danger, the locator (2) ) And the helper (3), rescue personnel can rush to the rescue in time after receiving the distress signal to relieve the danger.


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