Videoconferencing desk

A technology for video conferencing and desks, which is applied to desks, legs of general furniture, desks or desks of computer workstations, etc., can solve the problems of single desk function and inconvenient portability, and achieve the effect of being convenient to move and use.

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-01-15
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[0002] The existing desk has a single function, and a large amount of e...
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The invention discloses a videoconferencing desk, comprising a table body, wherein a light shielding plate is arranged at the edge of the table body, a camera is arranged at the bottom of the light shielding plate, a tablet computer is arranged on the upper surface of the table body, a tape recorder and a safe box are arranged at the lower part of the table body, and the camera, the tablet computer and the tape recorder are connected with each other. The desk of the invention is connected with the camera embedded in the desk, the tablet computer and the tape recorder, so that the desk is convenient to use, has no messy wire harness and is convenient to move.

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Office tablesFeet

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Tape recorderEngineering +3


  • Videoconferencing desk


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Example Embodiment

[0011] The technical solutions of the present invention are described in detail below, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to the embodiments.
[0012] like figure 1 As shown, a video conference desk of the present invention comprises a desk body 1, a shading plate 2 is arranged at the edge of the desk body 1, a camera 3 is arranged at the bottom of the shading plate 2, a tablet computer 4 is arranged on the upper surface of the table body 1, The lower part of the body 1 is provided with a tape recorder 5 and a safe 6, the camera 3, the tablet computer 4 and the tape recorder 5 are connected to each other, the upper surface of the table body 1 is provided with a non-slip rubber layer, the tape recorder 5 is connected with the lower part of the table body 1, and the table body 1 The bottom is provided with feet 7 , and the shading plate 2 is hinged to the edge of the table body 1 .
[0013] As mentioned above, although the present invention has been shown and described with reference to specific preferred embodiments, this should not be construed as limiting the invention itself. Various changes in form and details may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention as defined by the appended claims.


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