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Adjustable tripod mechanism to support devices or transducers for scientific measurement

The present invention relates to an adjustable tripod mechanism to support devices/transducers for scientific measurements such as weather station, radio transceiver, acoustic modem, and the like. More particularly, this invention relates to a novel, fully mechanical, and hand-operated tripod stand that incorporates (1) capability for rigidly mounting devices such as instruments, transducers, and so forth on a desired plane at a desired height for measurement of a multiplicity of parameters (e.g., meteorological parameters such as wind speed and direction, solar radiation, air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and the like); (2) rotation of any attached/mounted-device/transducer in the azimuthal direction at any angular intervals to facilitate orienting a mounted device in a given direction without the need for rotation of the legs of the tripod; (3) capability for partitioning of the tripod into a multiplicity of desirable smaller segments, thereby enabling its trouble-free transportation to remote areas; (4) trouble-free coupling of a plurality of separate members to achieve the desired height for the tripod stand to suit a given installation environment; (5) improvement in the efficiency of assembly, de-assembly, and packing of the tripod system by rendering its members compact and dismountable; (6) achieving elegance in appearance and ease in mounting; (7) improvement in mechanical stability as a result of an adjustably wider base area; and (8) facility for locking the tripod mechanism to the floor to prevent its translational/angular movement under drag force induced by the prevailing wind.
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