Lifting pot

A lifting device and synchronous lifting technology, which is applied in the field of lifting pots, can solve the problems of small application range, high cost, and inconvenient cleaning, and achieve the effects of simple and reasonable structural design, reduced volume and cost, and increased use range

Pending Publication Date: 2021-07-23
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This kind of lifting pot is limited by the installation requirements of the motor 4 and the lifting mechanism 5. The pot body cannot be used in conjunction with an induction...
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The invention relates to a lifting pot. The lifting pot comprises a draining plate, a pot body and a lifting device. The lifting device comprises a shell, a driving device and a lifting part, the driving device and the lifting part are arranged in the shell, the driving device drives the lifting part to ascend and descend, one end of the lifting part penetrates out of the shell to be connected with the draining plate, the shell can be erected on the pot body to support the weight of the draining plate, and the lifting part drives the draining plate to ascend and descend when ascending and descending. The lifting pot is simple and reasonable in structural design, the driving device and the lifting part are directly arranged in the shell to form a lifting device module, and the lifting device is directly arranged at the two ends of the draining plate, so that the size and cost of the lifting pot can be greatly reduced, and the use range of the draining plate is greatly enlarged. Only one pot body is provided, the draining plate is placed in the inner cavity of the pot body, the shell is erected at the top end opening of the pot body so that a hot pot can be lifted, the shell and the draining plate are convenient to disassemble and assemble, and the draining plate is more convenient to clean.

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Water-bath cooking vesselsCooking inserts

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Structural engineeringMechanical engineering +1


  • Lifting pot
  • Lifting pot
  • Lifting pot


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 1, combined Figures 2 to 4 , A lifting hot pan, including a pot body 1 and a chate, the chaasca is provided with a hole in the inner cavity of the aspiration, and the hole is provided with holes 3, and the pot body 1 provides heating function, such as electric heating, carbon. Heating or gas heating, the pot water of the inner cavity and the aspigenic food, each of which is provided with a lifting device 4, and the lifting device 4 includes a housing 5, a drive device disposed within the housing. 6 and liter 7. The housing 5 is formed with a hook portion 8, the hook portion is hung in the top port of the pot body 1, and of course the hook portion 8 can also sit in the top port of the pot body 1, only the top port of the pot 1 is needed. On the side, the hook portion 8 can sit in the top port of the pot, the housing 8 can support the drain weight when the housing 8 is provided in the top port of the pot, and the housing also undertakes the asphalt player function.
[0025] The drive device 6 includes a motor 9 and a power source 10, a power source being a battery or an AC power source, and AC power supply can be derived from alternating current in the pot.
[0026] The raised 7 includes a gear disc 11, a chain 12, and a boom 13, and the chain 12 is wound around the gear tray 11, and the chain 12 is connected to the boom 13, and the housing 5 is passed out of the housing 5, hang The rod 5 is provided with a hook 14, and the hook 14 hooks in the hole of the hook 3, the motor drives the gear disk rotation, the gear disk rotates the winding or release the chain, and the rod synchronously lifts to realize the aspolate in the pot. The housing is convenient to disassemble the housing, and the lifting device is convenient to the asphave disassembly.

Example Embodiment

[0027] Example 2, combined Figure 5 The difference between Example 2 and Example 1 is that the structure of the lifting member 7 is different, and the other is all equal, and the raised 7 includes a screw 11, a umbrella gear 12 is formed in the upper end of the screw, and is provided in the bottom of the screw. The boom 13, the screw 11 is threaded with the umbrella gear 12, and the boom 13 is applied to the housing 5. The end portion of the boom 13 is provided with a hook 14, and the hook 14 hooks within the hole of the hook 3, the motor 9 The transmission shaft end is also provided with an active umbrella gear 15, the active umbrella gear 15 drives the umbrella gear 12, the umbrella gear rotation drives the screw lifting, realizing the rod synchronous lifting and falling to achieve the aspiration 2 in the pot body 1.

Example Embodiment

[0028] Example 3, combined Image 6 Example 3 and Example 1 The difference in the first embodiment is that the structure of the lifting member is different, and the other is all equal, and the rising sector includes a rack 11 and a boom 13, and the rack 11 is connected to the boom 13, and the boom 13 The other end passes out of the housing 5, and the end portion of the boom 13 is provided with a hook 14, and the hook 14 hooks within the hole of the hook 3, and the gear 15 is provided on the drive shaft of the motor 9, and the gear 15 drives the rack 11 lift, Realization of the boom 13 synchronously lifts to achieve the aspiration 2 in the pot 1.


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