Double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support

A technology of manual adjustment and lumbar support, which is applied to the back cushion and other directions, can solve the problems of short adjustment stroke, low support height and slow adjustment speed of waist drag, and achieve the effect of flexible adjustment, easy support for height and low cost.

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-11-13
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[0005] Due to the adoption of the above-mentioned structure, the present invention overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional single-cable adjustment such as short adjustment stroke, slow adjustment speed, large operating force, and low support height by se...
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The invention belongs to the field of automotive seat accessories, and particularly relates to a double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support, which comprises a metal curtain main body and an adjuster, and is characterized in that a double-stay-wire structure with two stay wires is adopted for the adjuster; the metal curtain main body is formed by assembling vertical plastic coated steel wires, horizontal steel wires, horizontal steel wires with hooks and a positioning pipe, wherein a plurality of horizontal steel wires and at least two horizontal steel wires with the hooks penetrate the positioning pipe, and the two ends of each horizontal steel wire are fixed on the vertical steel wires inthrough a winding and knotting manner; one end of each stay wire is connected with the adjuster; the other end of the stay wire is connected with a stay wire hook; and fixing clips are respectively arranged on the two vertical plastic coated steel wires; and the two hooks on the stay wire are arranged at the outer end of each fixing clip. With the adoption of the double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support, through arranging double stay wires on the adjuster, the defect that a single-stay-wire adjustable waist support is short in adjustment stroke, low in adjustment speed, large in operating force and low in support height is overcome; and the double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support has the advantages of being simple and reasonable in structure, flexible in adjustment, easy to achieve the support height of the waist, low in cost, low in operating force, and stable in stroke and the like.

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Back rests

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Structural engineeringConductor Coil +1


  • Double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support
  • Double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support
  • Double-stay-wire manual adjustable waist support


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Example Embodiment

[0009] As attached figure 1 , 2 Shown: the lumbar support includes vertical hanging plastic steel wire 1, horizontal steel wire 2, horizontal steel wire with hook 3, positioning tube 4, hook 5, pull wire 6, adjuster 7, cable tie 8, pull wire hook 9, The fixing clip 10, the vertical hanging plastic steel wire 1, the transverse steel wire 2, the transverse steel wire 3 with hooks, and the positioning tube 4 form the main body of the metal curtain after assembly, wherein a plurality of transverse steel wires 2 and at least two hooks The transverse steel wire 3 passes through the positioning pipe 4, and both ends are fixed on the vertical plastic hanging steel wire 1 by winding and knotting. The two pull wires 6 arranged in the flexible shaft are fixed at the positioning pipe 4 by a cable tie 8 One end of the pull wire 6 is connected to the adjuster 7, and the other end is connected to the pull wire hook 9. The two vertical plastic hanging steel wires 1 are respectively provided with a fixing clip 10, and each fixing clip 10 is provided with a pull wire hook 9. The hook 5 is arranged at the end of the vertical plastic-hanging steel wire 1.
[0010] The vertical plastic hanging steel wire 1 on the main body of the metal curtain adopts two parallel arrangement, and the horizontally arranged multiple transverse steel wires 2 and the transverse steel wires 3 with hooks are provided with a trapezoidal bending structure.
[0011] When in use, the metal curtain body is connected to the seat frame through the hook on the horizontal steel wire 3 with the hook, and the pull wire hook 9 and the hook 5 are also installed on the seat frame, and the adjuster 7 is installed on the seat The side of the chair skeleton. By adjusting the cable length of the double cable 6 on the adjuster 7 during work, the main part of the metal curtain in the waist area can be moved forward or backward, thus achieving the adjustment of the waist support height and providing the driver with good riding comfort.


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