Anti-shock damping safety seat

A safety seat and impact-resistant technology, applied in vehicle seats, movable seats, child seats, etc., can solve the problems of poor safety, large injury to children, and large restraint force, so as to reduce impact force and improve Comfort, good shock absorption effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-05-11
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[0003] In order to ensure the structural strength, especially the impact resistance, some safety seats are not equipped with an angle adjustment device, the scope of application is limited, it cannot meet the requirements of children s...
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The invention discloses an anti-shock damping safety seat. The both sides at the bottom of a seat main body are connected with a supporting plate through damping rods; the back surface of the seat main body is in sliding connection with a back plate through a damping connecting piece; the damping connecting piece comprises a connecting block, a damping spring group, a silica gel layer and a sliding block; one side of the connecting block is fixedly connected with the back surface of the seat main body, while the other side of the connecting block is connected with the silica gel layer through the damping spring group; one side of the silica gel layer is connected with the sliding block; a sliding chute in fit with the sliding block is formed in the back plate; a fixing base is coated with a first anti-collision bag; the first anti-collision bag is filled with a buffer material; a buffer bag is arranged in the fixing base and filled with a buffer gas generating material; second anti-collision bags are arranged on the back surface and the bottom surface of the seat main body and are filled with an energy absorbing material; arc-shaped rubber layers are arranged on the outer sides of the second anti-collision bags. The anti-shock damping safety seat, disclosed by the invention, is better in shock resistance, good in buffering and damping effect, capable of automatically recovering within a certain range, and good for protecting human body.

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Kids chairsMovable seats +1

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Energy absorbingShock resistance +2


  • Anti-shock damping safety seat


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Example Embodiment

[0016] In order to make the objects and advantages of the present invention clearer, the present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with the examples. It should be understood that the specific embodiments described here are only used to explain the present invention, not to limit the present invention.
[0017] like figure 1 As shown, the embodiment of the present invention provides a shock-resistant and shock-absorbing safety seat, which includes a seat body 1 and a fixed base 3. The fixed base 3 includes a bottom plate base and a back plate connected to one end thereof. The two sides of the flat base are symmetrical A support plate is provided, and both sides of the bottom of the seat body 1 are connected with the support plate through the shock absorbing rod 5, and the back of the seat body 1 is slidably connected with the backboard through a shock absorbing connector, and the shock absorbing connector is composed of a connecting block 7, a damping Vibration spring group 6, silica gel layer 8 and sliding block 2 are formed, one side of connection block 7 is fixedly connected with the back of seat body 1, and the other side is connected with silica gel layer 8 through shock-absorbing spring group 6, and one side of silica gel layer 8 is connected There is a sliding block 2, a chute matching with the sliding block 2 is arranged on the back plate, a first anti-collision bag 10 is wrapped outside the fixed base 3, the first anti-collision bag 10 is filled with a buffer material, and the fixed base 3 is provided with There is a buffer bag 8, and a buffer gas generating material 9 is contained in the buffer bag 8. The back and the bottom surface of the seat body 1 are provided with a second anti-collision bag 11, and the second anti-collision bag 11 is provided with an energy-absorbing material, and The outer side is provided with a curved rubber layer.
[0018] The damping rod is a gas spring or a hydraulic support rod.
[0019] The connecting block 7 is fixedly connected with the arc-shaped rubber layer.
[0020] The energy-absorbing material is foamed magnesium, which is coated on the inner wall of the second crash bag 11 through silicone glue.
[0021] The cushioning material is polyurethane foam and/or PVC foam and/or PEI foam and/or PMI foam.
[0022] The buffer gas generating material is a mixture of sodium azide and ammonium nitrate.
[0023] Two ISOFIX standard joints 4 are installed on the rear side of the base plate base.
[0024] This specific implementation of the seat body and the backboard can be slidably connected, so that the inclination angle of the seat body can be adjusted according to needs, and the comfort is improved. The main body is affected by the vibration load, so as to achieve a good shock absorption effect, and has a self-recovery function within a certain vibration load, ensuring the safety of the seat body. The mixture of sodium nitride and ammonium nitrate can decompose and produce nitrogen gas when it is violently impacted, and quickly inflate the cushion bag to form a protective air bag to further reduce the impact force. When the car is hit or braked suddenly, it can release a certain stroke for buffering. It has strong impact resistance and good protection for the human body.
[0025] The above is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, it should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the principle of the present invention, some improvements and modifications can also be made, and these improvements and modifications should also be It is regarded as the protection scope of the present invention.


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