Preparing method for sweet potato flour

A technology of sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes, applied in the field of process procedures, can solve the problems of less preparation methods of sweet potato powder and poor quality of sweet potato powder, and achieve the effect of simple form, easy realization and easy realization

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-01
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However, there are too few preparation methods for sweet potato flo...
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The invention discloses a preparing method for sweet potato flour. The preparing method includes the following steps that sweet potatoes are cleaned, washed with water and minced through a machine after a period of time, the minced sweet potatoes are put on filter cloth, the filter cloth is bound and put into a container with water to be soaked, then the sweet potatoes in the filter cloth are ground on the container, sweet potato juice obtained after grinding can enter the container and be soaked by the water in the container, the sweet potato juice flows into the container to the maximum, and after completely precipitating, the sweet potato juice is taken, aired and ground to obtain the sweet potato flour. The obtained sweet potato flour is high in quality, and the preparing steps are clear and easy to complete.

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Food science

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[0017] Example 1
[0018] A preparation method of sweet potato powder, the steps are as follows: firstly wash the sweet potatoes, then wash with water, then use a grinder to mince the sweet potatoes, place the minced sweet potatoes on a filter cloth, tie the filter cloth tightly and put the The first water immersion is carried out in the container of water, and after a period of time, the sweet potato in the filter cloth is rolled over the container, so that the rolled sweet potato juice can enter the container, and then the water immersion is carried out in the container, so that Rolling and immersing in water for many times, so that the sweet potato juice can flow into the container to the maximum extent, and then rolling and taking out. potato flour.
[0019] In addition, in the preparation process, the water immersion should be accompanied by vibration, the number of rolling and water immersion is 5 times, and the initial water immersion time is 5 minutes.
[0020] The method of taking out the sweet potato juice is to scoop out most of the water, then pour out the sweet potato juice, rinse the container with a small amount of water, and then pour out the remaining sweet potato juice.


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