System for converting traditional training data into digital training data

A traditional, data-based technology, applied in the field of intelligent training, can solve problems such as unusable and waste of training materials, and achieve the effect of reasonable system design

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-11-16
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[0007] The invention provides a system for converting traditional training materials into digital training data, which solves the technical problem that the existing traditional training resources cannot be used on the network, resulting i...
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The invention discloses a system for converting traditional training data into digital training data. The system comprises a fixing unit, a scanning unit, a page turning unit and a storage unit, wherein the fixing unit is used for fixing the training data; the scanning unit is used for scanning the training data and acquiring scanned data; the page turning unit is used for automatically turning to a next page after data on a current page is completely scanned by the scanning unit; and the storage unit is used for storing the scanned data. According to the system, technical effects that the system is reasonable in design, the traditional training data can be converted into the digital training data, and the traditional training resources are reasonably utilized are achieved.

Application Domain

Data processing applicationsCharacter and pattern recognition

Technology Topic

Storage cellSystems design +3


  • System for converting traditional training data into digital training data


  • Experimental program(1)
  • Effect test(1)

Example Embodiment

[0024] Example one:
[0025] In the first embodiment, a system for converting traditional training materials into digital training data is provided, please refer to figure 1 , The system includes:
[0026] A fixing unit, which is used to fix training materials;
[0027] Scanning unit, the scanning unit is used to scan training collection to obtain scan data;
[0028] A page turning unit, the page turning unit is used for the scanning unit to automatically turn pages after scanning the current page data;
[0029] The storage unit is used to store scan data.
[0030] Wherein, in the embodiment of the present application, the system further includes an entry unit configured to enter the number, type, and quantity of training materials, and bind the entered information with the scanned data.


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