Broken-bar alarm device

A technology of alarm device and broken strip, applied in the direction of alarm, instrument, etc., can solve the problems of material loss, poor lighting at the production site, difficult to find and so on, and achieve the effect of reducing loss

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-11-23
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[0002] In the process of producing modified plastics, sometimes there will be broken strips. There is no obvious sign before the broken strips, and there is no obvious sound, light and other phenomena after the broken strips, so it is not easy to find, especially during n...
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The invention mainly relates to a broken-bar alarm device. The alarm device is mainly used for timely warning when a broken bar is generated in the process of producing modified plastic so that production personnel can discover in time, and losses caused by the broken bar are reduced. The broken-bar alarm device is formed by an infrared ray generation device, an infrared ray receiving device, a photoelectric conversion device and an alarm circuit. By using the broken-bar alarm device, in the process of producing the modified plastic, when a plastic bar is broken, sound and light alarm signalscan be emitted so that production personnel can timely take measures and the losses are reduced.

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[0007] The technical solution of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to the embodiments.
[0008] Such as figure 1 As shown, a broken bar alarm device is composed of an infrared generating device 1, an infrared receiving device 2, a photoelectric conversion device 3, and an alarm circuit 4. The infrared generating device 1 is connected to the infrared receiving device 2 and passes through the photoelectric conversion device. 3 is connected to the alarm circuit 4, the infrared emitting device is arranged under the extruder 6, and the extruder 6 is connected to the water tank 7 through a plastic strip 5. Before stable production, cut off the power supply of the alarm circuit, the alarm circuit does not produce sound or light alarm signals. After stable production, turn on the power of the alarm device. At this time, the infrared generating device starts to work and continuously emits infrared rays. Because there is no obstruction, the infrared receiving device continuously receives infrared rays, and the photoelectric conversion device converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. The alarm circuit does not produce audible and visual alarm signals. When a plastic strip is broken, the plastic strip hangs down, blocking infrared rays, and the infrared receiving device cannot receive the infrared rays, and the alarm device generates sound and light alarm signals.


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