Spray lacquer mask for automobile decoration

A technology for car beauty and face shields, which is applied in the direction of breathing filters, breathing masks, breathing protection containers, etc. Poor circulation, easy to wear, good effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-01-17
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[0002] Car beauty is car body maintenance, the main purpose is to remove all kinds of oxidation and corrosion outside and inside the car body, and then protect it; in car beauty, there is a process of car paint maintenance, which requires staff to spray paint on the car, and the paint contains many Toxic and harmful substances, such as trichloromethane and carbon dioxide, and aldehyde chemicals contained in paint thinner, these toxic and harm...
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The invention discloses a spray lacquer mask for automobile decoration. The spray lacquer mask comprises a main mask body, goggles are fixedly arranged on the front end face of the main mask body, a filtering structure is arranged below the goggles and fixedly connected with the main mask body through a connecting cover, and an an arc sheet is movably arranged on the inner surface of the top of the main mask body and connected with the main mask body through two springs; an underjaw support plate is movably arranged inside an adjusting groove inside the main mask body, and magnets are arrangedat the inner side of the underjaw support plate and on the main mask body. According to the spray lacquer mask for automobile decoration, the arc sheet is utilized for cooperating with the underjaw support plate, the mask and the head of a user can be firmly fixed, and the phenomena of displacement, offset and inaccurate wearing are avoided; moreover, adjustment can be made according to the difference of the heads and underjaws of different people, different working situations are adapted to, and a better using prospect is brought.

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Breathing filtersBreathing masks +2

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  • Spray lacquer mask for automobile decoration
  • Spray lacquer mask for automobile decoration
  • Spray lacquer mask for automobile decoration


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[0017] The following will clearly and completely describe the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention with reference to the accompanying drawings in the embodiments of the present invention. Obviously, the described embodiments are only some, not all, embodiments of the present invention. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, all other embodiments obtained by persons of ordinary skill in the art without making creative efforts belong to the protection scope of the present invention.
[0018] like Figure 1-3 Shown, a kind of spray paint mask that is used for car beauty, comprises mask main body 1, and the front end face of mask main body 1 is fixedly provided with goggles 2, and the bottom of goggles 2 is provided with filtering structure 3 and filtering structure 3 is passed connecting sleeve 4 and The mask main body 1 is fixed, and the top inner surface of the mask main body 1 is movably provided with an arc-shaped piece 5, which is connected to the mask main body 1 through two sets of springs 6, and a mandible support plate is movably arranged in the adjustment groove 8 inside the mask main body 1 7. A magnet 9 is provided on the inner side of the mandibular support 7 and the mask main body 1, and an exhaust structure 10 is arranged on the front face of the mask main body 1 between the filter structure 3 and the mandibular support 7. The exhaust structure 10 includes an inlet Wind cover 11, exhaust fan 12 and exhaust port 13, the inner surface of air intake cover 11 is attached to mask main body 1 and is arranged, is convenient to suck the gas in gap place, and exhaust fan 12 is installed in the inner middle position place of exhaust structure 10, exhausts The air port 13 is set at the end of the exhaust structure 10;
[0019] The main body 1 of the mask is made of plastic material, and the connecting sleeve 4 is threaded and detachable; the mandibular support plate 7 is arranged obliquely downward and is made of rubber material, and the mandibular support plate 7 can move in the adjustment groove 8; the filter structure 3 Including bamboo charcoal fiber layer, activated carbon layer and gauze layer, combined to achieve the effect of filtering toxic gases.
[0020] It should be noted that the present invention is a paint-spraying mask for car beauty. When wearing it, the mask is stuffed into the head, and then the mask is pressed down, the arc-shaped piece 5 is attached to the top of the head, and two sets of springs 6 are compressed , and then push the mandibular support plate 7 in the direction of the mandible, fit the mandible of the user, and then fix it with the magnet 9 to complete the wearing. The filter structure 3 can suck in the air from the outside and filter it for the user to breathe , the gas exhaled by the user stays in the gap inside the mask, the circulation is not smooth, and it is easy to cause fog to the mirror surface of the goggles 2. 13 export, quickly complete the replacement of gas, more practical.
[0021] It should be noted that in this article, relational terms such as first and second are only used to distinguish one entity or operation from another entity or operation, and do not necessarily require or imply that there is a relationship between these entities or operations. any such actual relationship or order exists between them. Furthermore, the term "comprises", "comprises" or any other variation thereof is intended to cover a non-exclusive inclusion such that a process, method, article, or apparatus comprising a set of elements includes not only those elements, but also includes elements not expressly listed. other elements of or also include elements inherent in such a process, method, article, or device.
[0022] Although the embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, those skilled in the art can understand that various changes, modifications and substitutions can be made to these embodiments without departing from the principle and spirit of the present invention. and modifications, the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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