General test method for Nosql database performance

A general-purpose testing and database technology, applied in the field of general-purpose testing of Nosql database performance, can solve problems such as not supporting real-time resource usage of the system under test

Pending Publication Date: 2021-05-11
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[0003] In view of this, the present invention aims to propose a general testing method for Nosql database performance, to solve the problem that the prior art r...
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Status monitoring: by analyzing the log in real time, the operating status of the moni...
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The invention provides a general test method for Nosql database performance. The method comprises: a configuration file in a Configuration module specifies a database type, database parameters and performance test indexes; a Client module is started, and the configuration in the configuration file is initialized and read; the Client module reads the configuration file and calls the corresponding Driver module of the database; the Driver module is connected with the database according to database parameters and types in the configuration file and starts a performance test; a Monitor module starts to monitor performance indexes of the database server and reports the performance indexes to the Log module; a Log module outputs log information to a file and reports result information of the Monitor module to the Client module; and the Client module displays the performance test result. According to the general Nosql database performance test method, a user only needs to know the type of the database to be tested and the data volume information of the test, and then the user can visually obtain the desired performance indexes and the real-time use condition of the resources of the tested system.

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  • General test method for Nosql database performance


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[0023]It should be noted that the features in the present invention in the present invention can be combined with each other in the case of an unable conflict.
[0024]In the description of the present invention, it is to be understood that the terms "center", "longitudinal", "horizontal", "upper", "lower", "front", "post", "left", "right", " The orientation of the orientation of the orientation of the direction "," horizontal "," top "," bottom "," inside "," outside ", etc. is based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, is only for convenience of describing the present invention and Simplify the description, rather than indicating or implying that the device or element must have a specific orientation, constructed and operated in a particular direction, and thus is not to be construed as limiting the invention. Moreover, the terms "first", "second", etc. are only used to describe purposes, and cannot be understood as an indication or implies relative importance or implicitly indicated the number of techniques indicated. Thereby, features with "first", "second", and the like may be indicated or implicitly including one or more of this feature. In the description of the invention, the meaning of "multiple" is two or more than one other words unless otherwise stated.
[0025]In the description of the present invention, it is to be described in that, unless otherwise expressly specified and defined, the term "mount", "connected", "connection" should be broadly understood, for example, may be fixed connection, or detachable Connect, or integrate; it can be mechanical connection, or electrical connection; may be directly connected, or indirectly connected by an intermediate medium, which can be in the interior of the two elements. For those skilled in the art, the specific meaning of the above terms can be understood in the present invention.
[0026]The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings.
[0028]Nosql (NOSQL = not only SQL): The meaning "not just SQL" is a brand new database concept, refers to non-relational databases.
[0029]Configure: Software installation in the Linux environment is not an easy task; if you are installing after compiling through the source code, it is more complex; now there is very common tutorial to install a variety of software; but the change is not For the solid master of basic knowledge, the problem of installing various software is solved, and the Configure script configuration tool is one of the foundations, which is the basic application of AutoConf tools.
[0030]Log use: No matter what programming language, log output is almost no longer, summarizing, the logs have the following uses:
[0031]Question Tracker: Through the log, not only some of our programs, or you can find problems through the log when installing configuration;
[0032]Status Monitoring: Through real-time analysis logs, you can monitor the operating status of the system, and make early hair problems, early treatment;
[0033]Safety Audit: The audit is mainly reflected in the security. By analyzing the log, it can be found that there is an unauthorized operation.
[0034]Universal test methods for NOSQL database performance include: The following steps:
[0035]S1: Define the database type and performance test indicator to be tested, determine the performance test model;
[0036]S2: Specify database types and database parameters and performance test indicators in the configuration file in the Configure module, unified parameter configuration portals, all parameters required for one-time configuration;
[0037]S3: Client module starts, and initializes and reads the configuration in the configuration file, you can automatically read the configuration parameters;
[0038]S4: Client module reads the configuration file, and calls the corresponding database Drivers module to automatically parse configuration parameters;
[0039]S5: The Drivers module connects the database according to the database parameters and types in the configuration file, and start performance testing, automatically selects the corresponding database performance test tool to start connecting the database to perform performance test;
[0040]S6: Monitor module Start monitoring the performance indicator of the database server, and reports to the log module, complete resource monitoring and data finishing;
[0041]S7: log module outputs log information to file, and reports the result information of the Monitor module to the CLIENT module, the effective reduction tool execution process;
[0042]S8: Client Module Explains the performance test results, so that users do not need to take time to learn to learn different NOSQL performance test tools, users only need to know the database type to be tested, and it can be very intuitive. Get the virtual performance indicators of the desired performance and the real-time use of the resources of the measured system;
[0043]The Client module is an inlet program. After the Client module is started, the configuration in the Configure module is read to call the corresponding Driver module to perform performance test and test results recycling, and call the Monitor module to show the real-time usage of the measured database resource. One-click acquisition performance test results;
[0044]The Configure module can read information in the configuration file, such as the IP address of the database, port number, account number, data library name, DRIVER type, data volume, test type, etc., can unify parameter configuration portions, one-time configuration Complete all the parameters required;
[0045]The Drivers module is a performance test tool integrating NOSQL different databases. It encapsulates unified parameter configuration and performance indicators. The Drivers module can perform the corresponding performance test according to the configuration passed by the Configure module; after the test is complete, the Drivers module will perform performance The test results are reported to the Client module, and the CLIENT module exhibits performance test results, integrating mainstream performance test tools, and saves the cost of studying various tools based on test required for the test.
[0046]The MONITOR module is an integrated monitoring tool that integrates a variety of operating systems. After the CLIENT module calls the Monitor module, the Monitor module automatically uploads the monitoring tool to the measured database server and start collecting resources such as CPU, memory, disk IO, and servers. The resource usage is reported to the Client module, the Client module is displayed, complete resource monitoring and data finishing, showing the user-readable performance test results;
[0047]The log module writes the execution process, server information, test data information, and performance test results of the performance test tool, and tests the log file, and provides test evidence.
[0048] It is only the preferred embodiments of the present invention, and is not intended to limit the invention, any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. according to the spirit and principles of the present invention, should be included in the present invention. Within the protection range.


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