Rescue device for water conservancy project

A technology for water conservancy projects and rescue clothing, which is applied in hoisting devices, water lifesaving, transportation and packaging, etc. It can solve problems such as hidden dangers, unbalanced fixing force, and difficulties for rescuers, so as to improve rescue efficiency, speed and flexibility. The effect of deployment

Active Publication Date: 2021-07-30
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Water conservancy projects are projects built to control and allocate natural surface water and groundwater to achieve the purpose of eliminating harm and promoting benefits. When tourists or pedestrians walk and play beside the river, unexpected accidents may cause tourists or pedestrians to fall. When entering the water, there may be certain hidden dangers due to the flow rate of the water, which will bring great difficulties to the rescuers. Therefore, the existing rescue devices will be bound to the rescuers throug...
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The invention provides a rescue device for a water conservancy project. The rescue device comprises a bottom plate, a driving mechanism, a winder, a rope, a rescue suit and a fixing mechanism; the driving mechanism and the winder are both mounted on the bottom plate; one end of the rope is wound on the winder; the driving mechanism can be in driving connection with the winder; the fixing mechanism can be connected with the driving mechanism; the bottom plate is fixedly connected with the ground through the driving mechanism; the driving mechanism comprises a mounting frame, a shell, a driving set, a lifting set, a first rotating set and a second rotating set, wherein the driving set, the lifting set, the first rotating set and the second rotating set are all mounted in the shell; the first rotating set and the second rotating set are both in driving connection with the driving set; the lifting set can be in driving connection with the driving set and is driven by the driving set to drive the shell to ascend and descend in the height direction of the mounting frame; the first rotating set can be in driving connection with the winder; and the second rotating set can be in driving connection with the fixing mechanism. In general, the rescue device for the water conservancy project can be deployed rapidly and flexibly, so that the rescue efficiency is improved.

Application Domain

Life-savingWinding mechanisms

Technology Topic

Structural engineeringMechanical engineering +1


  • Rescue device for water conservancy project
  • Rescue device for water conservancy project
  • Rescue device for water conservancy project


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Example Embodiment

[0049] Based on the above scheme, the specific embodiments of the rescue apparatus for water conservancy projects are as follows:
[0050] The device is placed in a relatively safe location, and the two fixing mechanisms 7 are mounted on the second rotating group 5 on both sides of the housing 11, respectively, and will be separated from the bayonet 711. The first elastic member 75 is released, and the plurality of reinforcing plates 73 are deployed, and the driving group 2 is turned on, the drive member 21 drives the second rotating group 5 through the first shaft 22, thereby causing the two fixed mechanisms 7 to rotate, at this time, The first connector 32 is moved toward the first shaft 22, and the engaging hole card inside the hemise gear on the first end of the first shaft 22, Figure 4 As shown, the second shaft 31 can be synchronously coupled to the first shaft 22, and thus, in this state, the driving member 21 is driven to the fixing mechanism 7 and the lifting of the housing 11, at this time, the fixing mechanism 7 is constantly When the rotation and falling, when the bottom plate 712 in the column 71 is embedded in the soil, the driver 21 begins in reverse driving so that the cylinder 71 rises a small distance to make the soil fill the reinforcing plate 73 and When the column 71 is completed, the third connector 8 is removed, so that the fixing mechanism 7 is detached from the driving connection and the first connecting member 32 is detached from the first axis 22. The engagement hole of the upper oblique gear allows the second shaft 31 to be reordered independent, and the drive member 21 is disconnected to the second shaft 31 and the fixing mechanism 7, so the fixing mechanism 7 stops rotation, and the housing 11 stops lifting, at this time the housing The first rotating group 4 on the 11 is coaxial with the second connecting member 61 on the truncher 6, and drives the second connector 61 to the first rotating group 4, and the connection of the structure and the first connector 32 The first shaft 22 is connected to such that the drive member 21 can drive the reel 6, at which point the rope on the reel 6 is fixed to the rescue clothing, and the rescue person is worn, while the staff in the field is The reel 6 is controlled to recover the rescuers.


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