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Marine flying lifesaving method and device

The invention discloses a scheme of a flying lifesaving system fixedly or movably arranged on the bridge or deck, characterized in that: a large-diameter main ducted coaxial reversible dual-rotor body is used for bearing main lift; small-diameter ducted rotor bodies are symmetrically arranged around the large-diameter main ducted coaxial reversible dual-rotor body in the same plane, connecting arms can freely move in the forms of stretching, twisting, shaking and swinging, thus the effects of bearing assistant lift, mainly controlling the direction and resisting vortex ring are achieved; and a variable inertia system and an energy delivery dragging cable system are arranged in the main rotor. The device can resist turbulent flow sudden shearing transition winds and has anti-adverse wind long-endurance submersible capability, can fly within the length of the dragging cable or the distance of wireless remote like helicopter rescue principles under sea conditions in bad weather and directly fly beyond the persons in water to hover to conduct marine salvage; and can land on the water surface to float to release rescue devices to let the persons in water enter, and swan the rescue devices by using the motive force of the rotors and the pulling force of the energy delivery dragging cable to the lifeboats to save people, thus the rescue scheme and equipment of the rescue devices under sea conditions in bad weather are achieved.

Variably controlled adjustable height carriages for raising, lowering, holding, locking and releasing objects on elevated structures

A system for raising and lowering a wide range of objects on an elongated tubular structure includes a carriage subsystem with a tubular body having an interior central channel an inner diameter greater than the outer diameter of the elongated tubular structure. Rollers facilitate linear translation of the tubular body along the elongated tubular structure. At least one hook is pivotally mounted on the tubular body and configured to controllably engage a means for locking the carriage in a raised position. The carriage subsystem also includes a flange for attaching an object to the carriage subsystem. A winch and cable control motion of the carriage system between a lowered position adjacent to the base and a raised position adjacent to the top of the tubular structure. A collar attached to the top of the tubular structure includes a tubular body with an outer diameter less than the inner diameter of the tubular body of the carriage subsystem. At least one slot is formed in the tubular body of the collar and configured for controllable engagement by the hook pivotally mounted on the tubular body in the interior central channel of the carriage subsystem. At least one pulley is rotatably mounted to the tubular body of the collar and configured for guiding a lanyard attached to the carriage subsystem at one end of the lanyard. An irrigation subsystem may be provided to irrigate supported planters. An electrical subsystem comprising aligned electrode assemblies may also be provided to supply electric power to an electrical load supported by the carriage when the carriage is locked in the raised position.
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