Pipe braiding machine for composite plastic pipe production and using method thereof

The technology of a plastic pipe and a pipe braiding machine is applied in the field of composite plastic pipe production equipment, which can solve the problem of time-consuming protective tape rolls, and achieve the effect of improving work efficiency and saving time.

Pending Publication Date: 2021-08-31
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The invention relates to the technical field of composite plastic pipe production equipment, in particular to a pipe braiding machine for composite plastic pipe production and a using method thereof. The pipe braiding machine comprises a sliding rail and a translation base connected to the sliding rail in a sliding manner, a winding mechanism and a heating mechanism are arranged on the translation base, a guide mechanism is arranged between the winding mechanism and the heating mechanism, the winding mechanism is used for winding a protective belt on a plastic pipe, the heating mechanism is used for heating the joint of the protective belt and the plastic pipe, so that the protective belt and the plastic pipe are bonded together to form a composite plastic pipe, and the guide mechanism is used for guiding the protective belt and preventing the protective belt from generating wrinkles. When the protective belt is replaced, the part, braided by the pipe braiding machine, of the plastic pipe is kept static relative to the plastic pipe, belt replacement is carried out, plastic pipe production equipment and drawing equipment do not need to be shut down, belt replacement in movement is completed, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and a braided pipe with any length can be braided.

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  • Pipe braiding machine for composite plastic pipe production and using method thereof
  • Pipe braiding machine for composite plastic pipe production and using method thereof
  • Pipe braiding machine for composite plastic pipe production and using method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0033] In order to make the technical means, technical characteristics, and technical effects achieved by the present invention, the present invention is further illustrated in the following combination of the present invention.
[0034] like figure 1 FIG -6, a composite plastic pipe production according to the present invention provides a knitting machine, comprising a base pan rail 4, slides on the guide rail 4 is connected to 3, and the pan 1 is provided with a heating means is wound on the base 3 means 2 is provided with a guide mechanism 6 between the winding mechanism 2 and a heating mechanism, the winding mechanism for the guard band 1 wound on a plastic tube 5, the heating mechanism 2 and the guard band for plastic pipes junction 5 is heated, so that the guard band 5 and the plastic tube bonded together to form a composite plastic pipe 5, the guide mechanism 6 for guiding the guard band and guard band to avoid wrinkles;
[0035] The winding mechanism comprising a winding frame 101 is provided in the translation of the base 3, the winding 101 is provided on the rack turntable 105, the turntable 105 is provided with relief portions plastic tube 5, through a plastic tube 5 the plastic tube 5 through the relief portion, perpendicular to the traveling direction of the plastic tube 5, the rotation of the support table 105 has a plurality of guard band reel support shaft 107 for rotating the rotational direction 106 of the station 105;
[0036] Said heating means comprising a heating rack 2 in the translational base 3, the rack is provided with heating the heating cylinder 202, the heating cartridge 202 provided with a heating coil;
[0037] A rack provided on the guide rail 4, the translational meshed with the rack 302 is provided with a base 3 is provided on the output shaft of a driving motor 301, the drive motor 301 are connected to the speed reducer 302, the decelerator .
[0038] Wherein, with the winding gear 102 is fixed on the frame 101, is provided on the rotating table 105 rotates the motor 103, the rotation of the rotating gear 104 with gear 102 engaged with the stationary output shaft of the motor 103.
[0039] Wherein said guide mechanism 6 comprises two rotatably connected to the frame 101 and the heating winding rack turntable 601, each carousel has mounted on the frame 601 is provided between the mounting block 602 602 the two there are four mounting posts 603, adjacent to a mounting plate 604 mounted on the two rods 603, each mounting plate 604 has two parallel guide rollers arranged to allow pitch and one or more guard band passes 605. Specifically, the turntable is provided with a central guide hole through the plastic tube, a disk with the turntable is connected to the guide mechanism, and the rotary table of the relief portion of the turntable plastic tube a plastic tube communicated via the other guide means turntable rotatably provided on the heating frame, guide means to follow the turntable is rotated together with the plastic pipe is heated through the turntable on the chassis via a plastic tube 4 and then through the heating means, the heating means completion of knitting of four pairs of plastic heating the guard band on the tube, so that the protective tape is firmly bonded to the plastic tube, to form a composite plastic pipe, the heating means 4 is located next station the traction means pulling the finished composite plastic pipe forward.
[0040]Wherein the rotation table 105 is provided on the adjustment plate 106 with a support shaft, the support shaft 106 of the adjustment plate 108 is provided with a first servo motor, the output shaft of the first servo motor 108 is provided with a first drive gear 109, the support shaft 106 is rotatably connected to the support shaft 106 adjusting plate, a lower end of the support shaft 106 is provided with a first driven gear 109 with the first driving gear 110 engaged, the support shaft 106 is detachably provided on the guard band reel 107.
[0041] Wherein said support plate is provided with adjustment shaft 106 adjusting air cylinder 111, the support shaft 106 to the rotation angle between the adjustable table 105. By setting the inclination angle of the support shaft is adjustable in the translational mount the reset process can effect the guard band is wound on a plastic tube to maintain a good consistency, the guard band to prevent overstretching or not tight wrapping.
[0042] Wherein said heating cylinder 202 has a socket opening ring compaction, the compactor is provided with a ring coaxial with the second driven gear 205, the heating cartridge 202 is provided with a second side of the servo motor 203, the a second output shaft of the servo motor 203 is provided with a second drive gear 205 engages second driven gear 204, the compactor is provided with a first lateral end surface of the ring a plurality of guide rollers 207 and staggered longitudinal compaction roller 208.
[0043] Wherein the plastic tube 5 has openings at both ends of the relief portion of the plastic tube 5 for assisting the forward second transverse guide roller 112.
[0044] Wherein the plastic tube 5 is a thermoplastic plastic tube 5, the guard band is a fiberglass tape.
[0045] Wherein the guard band and the plastic tube 5 is bonded to one surface provided with an adhesive layer.
[0046] Wherein the plastic tube relief portion positioned intermediate position of the rotating table, said support shaft portion surrounds the circumference of the plastic tube distributed uniformly relief, the relief portion is a plastic tube escape hole, the escape hole is embedded an annular blow blowing nozzle means, blowing means blowing means arranged uniformly around, by providing the blowing means, before the plastic tube and the guard bands are combined, may be present on the plastic tube to blow off dust and other impurities, prevent the influence of large particulate matter in combination with plastic pipes and protective effect.
[0047] Kind knitting machine use the pipe, comprising the steps of:
[0048] S1: The guard band 107 is mounted on the reel support shaft 106, a support in which the start end 106 of the guard band on the plastic tube 5 is fixed to the shaft;
[0049] S2: start the turntable 105 is rotated, the guard band around the circumference of the plastic tube 5 is woven, spirally formed on an outer guard band woven plastic tube 5;
[0050] S3: In the same protection when the support shaft 106 on the tape is used up, controlling the rotating table 105 stops rotating, the translation start base 3, so that the base pan 3 is wound on the chassis 101 and the plastic tube 5 from the initial position in the speed of movement of said base, so that the rotating table 105 remains stationary relative to the plastic pipe in the forward direction 5 5 plastic tubes;
[0051] S4: The start end of the guard band on the other reel support shaft 106 and has run out of the unused guard band at the end of the braided tube is joined, at the same time has run out reel support shaft 106 where the replacement of the protective tape disk 107;
[0052] S5: Start of the turn table 105 continues to rotate, while the base 3 along the translational start step S3 in the opposite direction thereof is reset to the initial position, this time to enhance the speed of rotation of the table 105, the translation reset to its initial base 3 stop position after the movement, when the rotation speed table 105 is returned to normal speed.
[0053] S6: Repeat steps S3 to S5 sequentially until it is completed.
[0054] Wherein, in step S5, the translating base which is reset in the opposite direction to the initial position in step S3, the period of the rotation speed of the raising table, said translating chassis is reset to the initial position after the movement stops, the rotational speed of the rotary table at this time recovery to normal speed.
[0055] So that when changing the guard band knitting of the machine for the plastic tube 5 a braided portion of the plastic pipe 5 remains relatively stationary, commutation zone, without the plastic tube 5 production equipment and the traction equipment downtime, complete movement changer, greatly improve the production efficiency, and may be knitted on the braided tube of any length.
[0056] It is located adjacent the machine knitting a plastic pipe production station and the adjacent next station equipment plastic tube changer when the traction mechanism are performed without stopping, to avoid repeated plastic pipe production equipment downtime opportunity to open resulting in production of the diameter plastic pipe bend or deviation occurs in the engagement portion of the stop and start.
[0057] The above is merely examples and descriptions of the structure of the present invention, and those skilled in the art will do a wide variety of modifications or supplements or use in a similar manner, as long as they do not deviate from the structure of the invention. Or Beyond the scope defined by the claims, it should belong to the scope of the present invention.


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