Automatic cleaning nozzle

An automatic cleaning and nozzle technology, applied in the direction of spraying device, spraying device, etc., can solve the problems of wasting water and energy, affecting the spraying effect, nozzle turbulence, etc., to achieve the effect of saving space, simple structure and reducing parts

Pending Publication Date: 2021-10-26
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Problems solved by technology

[0007] In view of the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide an automatic cleaning nozzle, which is used to solve the shortcomings of the nozzle in the prior art: when in use, the spray angle is controlled by the body to block the internal turbulent flow of the nozzle, which affects the spray effect ; Need more water and higher pressure to meet the demand, wasting water and energy; nozzles are mainly used ...
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Method used

In summary, the present invention is specially designed into an arc-shaped diversion port, with extremely small resistance, the water column is diverted to form a fan-shaped spray, and the high-efficiency diversion can form an efficient fan-shaped spray, reducing pressure and water demand, and spraying The spool converts the static pressure energy of the passing water into kinetic energy through the tapered inner hole channel, the water enters from the wide mouth and then sprays out at a high speed from the small opening, and the self-...
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The invention provides an automatic cleaning nozzle, and belongs to the technical field of special nozzles. The automatic cleaning nozzle comprises a flow guide valve body, an injection valve element and a multi-position handle, the flow guide end of the flow guide valve body is conical and provided with an arc-shaped flow guide weir, and a cavity is formed in the valve body and used for assembling the valve element; the injection valve element is a spherical valve element, a conical inner hole is formed in the injection valve element, sealing rings are arranged at the upper end and the lower end of the valve element and sleeve the outer side surface of the valve element, and an annular groove is formed in the outer side surface of the valve element and used for assembling a connecting rod; and the multi-position handle is arranged on the surface of one side of the flow guide valve body and fixed to the upper end of the connecting rod through a self-locking nut, and the lower end of the connecting rod is connected with the annular groove in the surface of the valve element. The working efficiency of the nozzle is effectively improved, water resources are saved, and the service life is prolonged; and meanwhile, the structure is simple, and operation is easy and convenient.

Application Domain

Spray nozzles

Technology Topic

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  • Automatic cleaning nozzle
  • Automatic cleaning nozzle
  • Automatic cleaning nozzle


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Example Embodiment

[0030] The embodiments of the present invention will be described below by specific embodiments, and those skilled in this specification can easily understand other advantages and efficacy of the present invention.
[0031] See Figure 1 to 3. It should be noted that the structure, proportion, size, etc., which are drawn in the accompanying drawings of this specification, are only used in conjunction with the description, and those who are familiar with this technique are not intended to limit the implementation of the present invention. The conditions are limited, so that there is no technical substantive significance, the modification of any structure, the change or size of the proportional relationship or the size of the proportional relationship, without affecting the efficacy of the present invention, is still falling in the present invention. The disclosed technical content can be covered. At the same time, the use of "upper", "" "," left "," right "," middle "," "", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", "," The invention can be implemented, and the relative relationship is changed or adjusted, and it is also considered to be a scope of the embodiments of the present invention under unregulated changes.
[0032] See figure 1 The present invention provides an automatic cleaning nozzle comprising: a pilot valve body 1 and a plurality of handle 9, the flowing valve body 1 injection end is tapered, the injection end is provided with an arc-shaped guide port, a guide valve body 1 The inner portion is provided, the injection valve core 2 is a spherical injection spherical core, and the inner is provided with a conical inner hole, and both ends and lower ends of the injection valve core 2 are provided with a seal ring 3, and the seal ring 3 is set in the injection valve core. 2 The outer surface, the injection valve core 2 is freely rotated inside the sealing ring 3, and the outer surface ring of the injection and the outer side surface of the injection and the connection rod 6 are rectangular and the groove is connected to the groove of the injection valve core 2. The multiplicer handle 9 is disposed on the side surface of the guide valve body 1, and the surface of the guide valve body 1 is provided with a through hole at the surface of the plurality of handle 9, and the connecting rod 6 is connected to the plurality of handle 9.
[0033] The passage of the flow of the vane body 1 is connected to the connecting head 10 by a threaded connection.
[0034] The plurality of handle 9 is fixed to the connecting rod 6 by a self-locking nut 7.
[0035] The multipart handle 9 is provided with a wear-resistant gasket 8 and a restricted gasket 5 at a lifting valve body 1.
[0036] The connecting rod 6 is provided with a sealing gasket 4 at the inner wall joint of the guide valve body 1.
[0037] The plurality of handles 9 are Z-shaped.
[0038] The injective spherical core 2 spherical can be provided with a tapered acceleration lumen.
[0039] The injection valve core 2 can be made of a wear-resistant ceramic material.
[0040] In summary, the present invention is specially designed as an arc-shaped guiding port, with a very small resistance to flow a water column, form a sector spray, and high efficiency, the high-efficiency flow can form high-efficiency sector spray, reduce pressure and water demand, and the injection valve core passes The tapered inner hole passage will transform the static pressure of the passed water into kinetic energy, and the water is ejected from the small mouth from the port, and the self-cleaning function can be achieved by the direction of the plurality of handle to rotate the injection spray. The function of the valve, can reduce the space saving space in the compact device, effectively improve the working efficiency of the nozzle, saves water resources, extend the service life, and simultaneously, and easy to operate. Therefore, the present invention effectively overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art with high industrial utilization value.
[0041] The above embodiments are exemplified only to illustrate the principles and their efficacy of the present invention, rather than limiting the invention. Anyone who is familiar with this technique can modify or change the above-described embodiment without violating the spirit and scope of the invention. Thus, all the artists in the art will have all the equivalent modifications or changes that are not departed from the spirit and technical idea disclosed in the present invention, and should be included in the claims of the invention.


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