Construction method for reducing frost heaving effect borne by derrick foundation

A construction method and basic technology, which is applied in the direction of basic structure engineering, sinking, shaft equipment, etc., can solve the problems of energy loss, large investment, and shrinking the circle diameter of freezing holes, so as to reduce the effect of frost heave and weaken the strength of frost heave Effect

Active Publication Date: 2012-07-11
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However, the improvement of foundation soil is only limited to foundations of limited depth and cast-in-place piles, and has little effect on cast-in-place piles in deeper positions; the circle diameter of the frozen hole layout is reduced, and the distance between the frozen hole and the derrick foundation is increased, while the freezing period of the frozen shaft in the current design If it is longer, the freezing front will still develop to the position o...
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The invention provides a construction method for reducing frost heaving effect borne by a derrick foundation, which includes the procedures: mixing white polyethers and black esters according to a weight ratio, mixing well and spraying into a middle space of a casing for foaming; using drill bits of different diameters to perform two-stage or multi-stage broaching according to the diameter of the outer wall of an insulation layer of a freezing pipe after freezing borehole boring is complete, and cleaning bottom of a borehole and tripping the pipe after broaching is complete; splitting a hard polyethylene casing from the single side after a weld is cooled naturally, respectively connecting the split casing to insulation segments in an overlap joint manner, and pouring the well mixture of the black and the white materials into a joint binding space for foaming. Polyurethane foam has good thermal insulating property, impact of frost heaving on the derrick foundation can be reduced effectively, and safety and reliability of a permanent derrick are guaranteed.

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Protective foundationShaft sinking

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  • Construction method for reducing frost heaving effect borne by derrick foundation
  • Construction method for reducing frost heaving effect borne by derrick foundation
  • Construction method for reducing frost heaving effect borne by derrick foundation


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The specific embodiment of the present invention provides a construction method for reducing the frost heave effect of the derrick foundation, (see Figure 1 ~ Figure 3 ) The process flow is: 1. Insulation pipe production: use freezing pipes to make, according to different pipe diameters, 5-9 pieces of cork are connected in series with iron wires, knotted and fixed on the outer wall of the freezing pipe, and the thickness of the cork is made according to the thickness of the polyurethane insulation layer . The wood blocks are evenly distributed, and it is advisable to evenly support the external hard polyethylene casing. Mix the white material and the black material according to the weight ratio of 1:1, stir and spray evenly into the space in the casing for foaming; 2. Freezing hole reaming: After the freezing hole is drilled, different diameters are selected according to the outer wall diameter of the freezing pipe insulation layer The drill bit of the new drill bit carries out two-stage or multi-stage reaming, the reaming depth is based on the length of the insulation pipe, and the control range is 0~+0.5m of the insulation layer length. After the reaming is completed, sweep the hole and lower the pipe; Treatment: Freeze pipes with a length of 40-50cm are reserved at both ends of the insulation pipe to facilitate welding and jamming. After the weld is naturally cooled for 10 minutes, cut it on one side with a hard polyethylene sleeve. The length is 100~120cm, respectively overlaps with the insulation section by 50~100mm, and is tied tightly with iron wire to resist the pressure generated when the polyurethane material is foamed. Pour the evenly mixed mixture of black and white materials into the joint binding space. For foaming, the dosage of the black and white material mixture is 0.5-0.7 Kg/m. Tie the wire tightly and seal it with glue or tape to prevent water ingress.
[0016] The above are only the preferred specific embodiments of the present invention. These specific embodiments are based on different implementations under the overall concept of the present invention, and the protection scope of the present invention is not limited thereto. Anyone familiar with the technical field Any changes or substitutions that can be easily conceived by a skilled person within the technical scope disclosed by the present invention should be covered by the protection scope of the present invention. Therefore, the protection scope of the present invention should be subject to the protection scope of the claims.


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