Vibrating feeder with small-space long-distance conveying chute

A long-distance conveying and vibrating feeder technology, which is applied in the direction of conveyor, vibrating conveyor, transportation and packaging, etc., can solve the problems of prolonging the conveying distance and achieve the effect of sufficient cooling time

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-04-17
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It is not suitable for installation in a narrow space. The purpose of...
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Method used

Describe embodiment in detail in conjunction with accompanying drawing, the present invention is on a pair of support 7 with damping spring 6 to be equipped with a conveying frame 9, is installed with two opposite synchronous vibrations in the opposite direction of rotation in parallel up and down on one end of conveying frame The motor 5 is provided with two layers of crossbeams 4 on the conveying frame, and a bow-shaped conveying trough 1 with each transverse groove parallel to the crossbeam is respectively installed on the upper and lower sides of each crossbeam. The leaf springs 2 supported by the horizontal grooves in a figure-eight shape are respectively provided with main vibrating springs 3 connected to the side beams at the front ends of eac...
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The invention discloses a vibrating feeder with a small-space long-distance conveying chute. The vibrating feeder with the small-space long-distance conveying chute comprises a pair of supports and damping springs, a conveying frame is mounted on the damping springs, two synchronous vibration motors opposite in rotation direction are vertically and parallelly mounted at one end of the conveying frame, at least two layers of beams are arranged on the conveying frame, the bow-shaped conveying chute with transverse chutes parallel to the beams is respectively mounted on the upper side and on the lower side of each beam, plate springs for splayed supporting of the adjacent conveying transverse chutes are uniformly distributed on the beams in all layers respectively, a master vibration spring connected with the beam on the side as same as each plate spring is arranged at the front end of each plate spring, a feeding port is arranged at the upper end of the bow-shaped conveying chute, and a discharging port is arranged at the lower end of the bow-shaped conveying chute. The bow-shaped conveying chute is capable of enabling the conveying distance to be increased by more than three times, so that the vibrating feeder can be mounted in a narrow field to enable conveyed materials to have sufficient cooling time.

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Jigging conveyors

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  • Vibrating feeder with small-space long-distance conveying chute


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Example Embodiment

[0008] The embodiments are described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings. In the present invention, a transport rack 9 is installed on a pair of supports 7 with damping springs 6, and two synchronous vibration motors 5 with opposite rotation directions are installed on one end of the transport rack in parallel. Two layers of cross beams 4 are provided on the conveyor frame. A bow-shaped conveyor groove 1 is installed above and below each cross beam. Each cross beam is parallel to the cross beam. Each cross beam is evenly distributed with adjacent conveying cross grooves. The leaf springs 2 supported in a figure eight shape are respectively provided with a main vibration spring 3 connected to the side beam at the front end of each leaf spring. A feed port 10 is provided at the upper end of the arch-shaped conveying transverse groove, and a feed port 8 is provided at the lower end. . The invention uses two anti-phase vibration motors to be installed at one end of the conveying rack. The horizontal exciting force generated is transmitted to the leaf spring and the main vibration spring via the conveying rack. The leaf springs connected to the upper and lower conveying troughs are installed due to installation The directions are opposite, so that the vibration directions of the upper and lower conveying troughs on the beam are different, and the material falls from the feed port along the arrow direction from the discharge port along the arch-shaped conveying trough. Realize the extension of the conveying distance in the narrow space to achieve the purpose of cooling down.


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