Method for applying flexible connector to leakage repair and butt joint of prestressed cement pipe

A flexible interface and application method technology, applied in the direction of pipes/pipe joints/fittings, pipe components, mechanical equipment, etc., can solve the problems of long water stop time, shortened water stop time, and many interfaces

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-01-22
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[0003] In order to solve the shortcomings of the existing construction methods, such as long water cut-off time, many joints, and low joint success rate, the present invention proposes an application method of flexible joints in prestre...
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Below in conjunction with accompanying drawing, the present invention is further described, and present way is to ...
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A method for applying a flexible connector to leakage repair and butt joint of a prestressed cement pipe includes the steps of preparation before construction, pipeline excavation and replacing pipeline installation. The method has the advantages of shortening water cut-off time, improving social and economical benefits, guaranteeing construction quality, lowering repair rate and the like.

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Pipe elements

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  • Method for applying flexible connector to leakage repair and butt joint of prestressed cement pipe


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Example Embodiment

[0011] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. The current method is to adopt the pipe replacement method for construction. In fact, this method has obvious results. The specific methods are as follows:
[0012] (1) Preparations before construction and restoration: 1 excavator, 2 cranes, 1 pumping equipment, 1 replacement cement pipe, 2 rubber rings, plus some small supporting tools.
[0013] (2) In order to clearly explain the situation, we number the cement pipe to be replaced as No. 2 (replace the damaged water pipe), the cement pipe with the socket facing the No. 2 pipe is No. 1, and the socket facing the No. 2 pipe The cement pipe is numbered 3.
[0014] (3) The excavator digs out the covering soil of pipes 1 to 3, and manually cleans the remaining soil in the pipe trench.
[0015] (4) Lift up the damaged cement pipe in the middle, align the socket of No. 2 pipe with the socket of No. 1 pipe (the socket of No. 1 pipe needs to be replaced with a new rubber ring), and use external force to make it in place.
[0016] (5) Use the socket of No. 2 pipe and the position of the socket of No. 3 pipe as the force point to lift at the same time to a height of no more than 30b angle, let the socket be aligned and slowly descend, and apply external force from above to make it in place when it is about to reset. Basic level (see attachment figure 1 ).
[0017] Check the reset status of tubes 1~3, and focus on the position of the rubber rings of tubes 1 and 2 to see if they are in place. As long as there is no abnormality in the rubber ring, water can be delivered immediately, and the operation time for water shut-off is about 2 hours.
[0018] (6) If it is a three-way project, the difference is that a section of the water pipe at the three-way position must be made first. The length must be the same as the replacement cement pipe, and a gate valve should be installed on the three-way. After the preparation is completed, press The same method as above can be used for construction.
[0019] The flexible interface construction method has the following advantages:
[0020] (1) The water cut-off time is shortened, and the hoop method is used for construction, and the shortest water cut-off time is not less than 15 hours;
[0021] (2) Improved social and economic benefits;
[0022] (3) The construction quality is guaranteed and the repair rate is reduced; this method can also be used for construction when the gate valve is not shut off strictly, simplifying the construction procedure.


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