Purlin balancing pull rod structure

A technology for balancing tie rods and purlins, applied in truss structures, building structures, joists, etc., can solve the problems of easy damage, insufficient strength of house purlin structures, and insufficient stability of house purlin structures, etc., to achieve enhanced structural strength and balance sexual effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-03-25
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Nowadays, house purlins usually use a single tie rod structure to fix and balance the purlin structure, which will cause the hous...
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Method used

[0010] The purlin balance tie rod structure provided by the present invention adopts the cooperation of straight stays an...
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The invention relates to a purlin balancing pull rod structure. The purlin balancing pull rod structure comprises a purlin, a casing pipe, a straight brace and an inclined brace, wherein the purlin is arranged horizontally, the straight brace is arranged in the casing pipe and is horizontally connected with the purlin; the inclined brace comprises a vertical section and an inclined section, wherein the vertical section is perpendicular to the purlin, the inclined section forms an included angle with the vertical section, and the vertical section is vertically connected with the purlin. Because the straight brace and the inclined brace are matched with each other to fix and balance the purlin, the structural strength and the balance of the purlin can be improved greatly.

Application Domain

GirdersJoists +2

Technology Topic

PurlinStructural engineering +2


  • Purlin balancing pull rod structure


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Example Embodiment

[0008] Such as figure 1 As shown, the embodiment of the present invention provides a purlin balance tie rod structure, which includes a purlin 1, a sleeve 2, a straight brace 3 and a diagonal brace. The purlin 1 is arranged horizontally, and the straight brace 3 is arranged in the sleeve 2 and It is vertically connected with the purlin 1; the oblique-stayed bar includes a vertical section 41 perpendicular to the purlin 1 and an inclined section 42 with an included angle between the vertical section 41, and the vertical section 41 is vertically connected with the purlin 1.
[0009] In this embodiment, the straight brace 3 and the vertical section 41 of the diagonal brace are connected to the purlin 1 by bolts.
[0010] The purlin balance tie rod structure provided by the present invention adopts a straight tie bar and an inclined tie bar to fix and balance the purlin, which greatly enhances the structural strength and balance of the purlin.
[0011] The preferred embodiments of the present invention disclosed above are only used to help explain the present invention. The preferred embodiment does not describe all the details in detail, nor does it limit the invention to only the described specific embodiments. Obviously, many modifications and changes can be made according to the content of this manual. This specification selects and specifically describes these embodiments in order to better explain the principles and practical applications of the present invention, so that those skilled in the art can understand and use the present invention well. The present invention is only limited by the claims and their full scope and equivalents.


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