Tag for acupuncture monitoring based on wireless sensing technology

A wireless sensing technology and labeling technology, applied in the field of labels for acupuncture monitoring, can solve problems such as long time and missed treatment time, and achieve good patient effect and slight treatment effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-05-06
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However, it is difficult to judge the individual's reaction and acceptance of acupuncture and moxibustion. Traditional medic...
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The invention discloses a tag for acupuncture monitoring based on the wireless sensing technology. The tag includes a tag body, an RFID module arranged on the tag body, an environmental data monitoring module, an antenna module, a storage module and a central processor. The RFID module, the environmental data monitoring module and the antenna module are connected with the central processor. Compared with the prior art, the tag can achieve real-time and reliable data collection of temperature, muscle reflection, pressure and other data generated in the treatment process of patients, and accordingly solves the problems that for the same treatment conditions, some patients are well treated while others are treated slightly; for the patients with strong response, the current diagnosis and treatment method will kept effective; for the patients with weak response, the treatment scheme and method need immediate adjustment to buy optimum treatment time for the patients, and thus achieves the acupuncture monitoring based on the wireless sensing technology.

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AcupunctureRecord carriers used with machines

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[0013] In the following detailed description, specific details are described in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the present invention. However, those skilled in the art will recognize that the present invention can also be implemented with other similar details.
[0014] Through data collection and analysis, patients can effectively carry out targeted staged treatment according to the patient's reflections. The collected data is used to determine the different responses of different bodies, and the next stage of diagnosis and treatment plans and treatment results can be formulated quickly and accurately. It is obtained through standardized operations. Through accurate data collection, the disease and Chengdu are judged objectively. Compared with the diagnosis method based on personal experience, the formal guarantee is more objective. The data is collected in the form of data. Basic indicators and standards for clinical diagnosis, and promotion and application.
[0015] Although the description herein describes certain features and an implementation method of the present invention, for those skilled in the art, there will be many modifications, substitutions, changes and equivalent substitutions. The above-mentioned embodiments only express the implementation of the present invention, and the description is relatively specific and detailed, but it should not be understood as a limitation to the patent scope of the present invention. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the concept of the present invention, several modifications and improvements can be made, and these all fall within the protection scope of the present invention. Therefore, the protection scope of the patent of the present invention should be subject to the appended claims.


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