Storm-prevention seabed cultivation basket

A breeding basket and anti-wind and wave technology, which is applied in fish farming, application, climate change adaptation, etc., can solve the problem that the anti-wind and wave seabed aquaculture basket is not easy to move out of the sea, and achieve the effect of preventing red tide, solving oxygen shortage, and stabilizing farming

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-15
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[0003] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is that the existing...
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The invention provides a storm-prevention seabed cultivation basket. The storm-prevention seabed cultivation basket comprises floating balls, cultivation boxes, a fixing rod and anchors. The floating balls comprise first floating balls floating the sea level and second floating balls sinking to the sea. Two ends of the fixing rod are tied with ropes, tail ends of which are connected with the first floating balls. Two ends of the fixing rod are provided with the anchors connected with ropes at all ends. The storm-prevention seabed cultivation basket has following beneficial effects: the anchors and the fixed road are utilized to fix a cultivation device to the sea for carry out abalone culture; and by utilizing buoyancy of the floating balls, abalones are harvested by easily pulling the cultivation device; and the culture process is stable and labor saving and time saving.

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Climate change adaptationPisciculture and aquaria

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SeawaterStorm +6


  • Storm-prevention seabed cultivation basket


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Example Embodiment

[0019] In order to describe in detail the technical content, structural features, achieved objectives and effects of the present invention, the following is a detailed description with reference to the embodiments and accompanying drawings.
[0020] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention is characterized by comprising a floating ball 1, a breeding tank 2, a fixed rod 3 and an anchor 4. The floating ball 1 includes a first floating ball 11 floating on the sea surface 6 and a second floating ball 12 sinking into the sea. The two ends of the fixed rod 3 are tied with ropes 5, the ends of the ropes 5 at both ends of the fixed rod 3 are respectively connected with first floating balls 11, and the two ends of the fixed rod 3 are also provided with anchors 4 connected to the ropes 5 at each end. The top of the culture box 2 is connected to the second floating ball 12 through a rope 5, and the bottom of the culture box 2 is connected to a fixed rod 3 through a fixed ring 8. The second floating ball 12 floats in the sea, and the anchor 4 is plunged into the seabed 7 so that the fixed rod 3 is fixed on On the seabed 7, the second floating ball 12 and the fixed rod 3 cooperate to stabilize the abalone breeding tank 2 in the sea without being affected by sea wind and waves. The buoyancy of the second floating ball 12 is also greater than the total gravity of the breeding tank 2 and the fixed rod 3. In order to facilitate the pulling out of the wind and wave seabed breeding basket. When using the present invention to breed abalone, put the abalone into the culture box 2 and then put the entire culture device into the sea. At this time, the anchor 4 is plunged into the seabed 7, and the fixed rod 3 is also placed on the seabed 7, and the culture box 2 connected to the fixed rod 3 It is fixed in sea water. Among them, the fixed rod 3 can be an iron rod. In this embodiment, the fixed rod 7 is a stainless steel pipe. The salty sea water can easily cause the iron rod to rust. The stainless steel pipe is convenient for maintenance and does not require frequent replacement. When the abalone is mature, first pull out the anchor 4 from the seabed 7, and then drag the rope 5 connected to the first floating ball 11, and use the buoyancy of the second floating ball 12 to easily remove the entire breeding device to harvest the abalone.
[0021] The above are only the embodiments of the present invention, and do not limit the scope of patent protection of the present invention. Any equivalent structure or equivalent process transformation made by the content of the description and drawings of the present invention, or directly or indirectly applied to other related The technical field is similarly included in the scope of patent protection of the present invention.


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