Novel paper roll holder

A paper roll, a new type of technology, applied in the field of paper towel holders, can solve the problems of inconvenient, easy to roll out, and easy to pollute the whole roll of paper towels, and achieve the effect of ingenious design and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-17
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The paper towel rolls usually used in the kitchen or bathroom are placed on the paper towel holder. This paper towel holder generally includes two parts: a base and a pole, and the paper towel roll is set on the pole. The inner core of the roll has a small aperture. When the paper towel is taken, the free end of the roll is pulled, and the roll of paper towel rotates freely with the vertical r...
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The invention discloses a novel paper roll seat, which includes a weighted anti-slip base, a blade, and a vertical rod. A track is arranged in the groove, and a slide groove is arranged at the bottom of the blade, and the blade is mounted on the track through the slide groove, and slides on the track. Its advantages are: the paper roll seat is ingeniously designed and simple in structure, and the paper towel can be taken with only one hand, which is convenient and practical.

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Pulp and paper industry


  • Novel paper roll holder


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[0009] Reference figure 1 , The present invention includes a weighted non-slip base 4, a blade 1, a vertical rod 2. A vertical rod 2 is provided in the middle of the weighted non-slip base 4, a groove is provided on one side of the vertical rod 2, and the groove is provided A rail is provided with a sliding groove at the bottom of the blade, and the blade is installed on the rail through the sliding groove and slides on the rail.
[0010] When in use, the paper roll of suitable size is set on the pole, and the blade can be pulled to fix the roll paper between the blade and the pole, which is convenient for tearing the paper towel with one hand.


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