Intelligent protective socket

A socket and intelligent technology, applied in electrical components, coupling devices, circuits, etc., can solve the problem of insufficient application range and achieve the effect of extending service life

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[0003] However, the intelligent protective socket of the prior art also has deficiencies in early warni...
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The invention discloses an intelligent protective socket, which comprises a socket main body; a main board is arranged in the socket main body, and the main board is connected with an unexpected poweroutage protection module, a reset module, an alarm module, an electric quantity index detecting module, and a transformer connecting module; the socket main body is provided with a plurality of plugholes connected with the transformer connecting module, a circuit reset switch connected with the reset module and a display device connected with the an electric quantity index detecting module. Theintelligent protective socket has the beneficial effects that the intelligent protective socket can provide power source while carry out all-around protection and early warning, thus every household appliance is protected from outside damage, and the service life of the household appliance is prolonged.

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[0012] The preferred embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more easily understood by those skilled in the art, so as to make a clearer and clearer definition of the protection scope of the present invention.
[0013] See figure 1 , The embodiment of the present invention includes:
[0014] An intelligent protective socket includes a socket body 1, a main board is arranged in the socket main body 1, and an accidental power failure protection module, a reset module, an alarm module, a power indicator detection module, and a transformer connection module are connected to the main board.
[0015] The socket body 1 is provided with a plurality of jacks 3 connected to the transformer connection module, a line reset switch 4 connected to the reset module, and a display device 2 connected to the power indicator detection module. The power indicator detection module regularly self-checks The battery is notified by the display device 2 to ensure early detection of the battery that needs to be replaced. The display device 2 is provided with an LED display. The line reset switch 4 is a circuit breaker that only needs to be operated by pressing the key. It can easily recover the circuit from overload or open circuit without having to search for a fuse. The accidental power failure protection module is guaranteed to protect against spikes and lightning.
[0016] The socket body 1 is provided with at least four sets of jacks 3, and two jacks 3 can be used simultaneously.
[0017] The alarm module is connected with a buzzer to notify in advance to replace the battery or reflect the usage of the power supply.
[0018] The intelligent protective socket of the present invention can provide power, and protect in all directions at the same time, is easy to observe, is sensitive and flexible, ensures that each household appliance is not damaged by the outside, and extends the service life of the household appliance.
[0019] The above are only the embodiments of the present invention, and do not limit the scope of the present invention. Any equivalent structure or equivalent process transformation made by using the content of the description and drawings of the present invention, or directly or indirectly applied to other related technologies In the same way, all fields are included in the scope of patent protection of the present invention.


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