Multifunctional chair for student

A multi-functional, student technology, applied in the field of chairs, can solve the problems of single chairs, inability to quickly concentrate on learning, and low concentration.

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-05-25
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[0002] Traditional student seats can only achieve a single function. In primary and middle schools, students will feel fatigue after using the seat for a long time, and students with low concentration will often shake the seat during use, causing The seat i...
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The invention discloses a multifunctional chair for a student. The multifunctional chair for the student comprises a seat, a backrest and chair legs. A file frame is installed at the bottom of the seat through a sliding rail device; armrests are arranged on the two sides of the seat in an upward vertical mode, a first heating device is arranged on the seat face of the seat, a second heating deviceis arranged on the surfaces of the armrests, the first heating device and the second heating device are connected with a heating control switch, the heating control switch is arranged on the side face of the seat, the front end of the file frame is connected with a learning tool box, disc foot stands are arranged at the bottom ends of the chair legs, and the seat face of the seat and the surfacesof the armrests are each provided with a protective pad. By arranging the file frame at the bottom of the seat, the learning tool box is connected to the front end of the file frame, the heating devices are arranged on the seat and the armrests, meanwhile, the disc foot stands are arranged at the bottom ends of the chair legs, the storage, heating and stabilizing functions are achieved, the goodassistance is provided for learning of the student, and it is ensured that the student is dedicated in learning.

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School benches

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  • Multifunctional chair for student


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Example Embodiment

[0015] All the features disclosed in this specification, or all disclosed methods or steps in the process, except for mutually exclusive features and/or steps, can be combined in any manner.
[0016] Any feature disclosed in this specification, unless specifically stated, can be replaced by other equivalent or equivalent alternative features. That is, unless otherwise stated, each feature is just one example of a series of equivalent or similar features.
[0017] Such as figure 1 As shown, a multifunctional chair for students of the present invention includes a chair seat 1, a backrest 2 and a chair leg 3. The bottom of the chair seat 1 is equipped with a file holder 5 through a slide rail device 4, and both sides of the chair seat 1 An armrest 6 is arranged vertically upward, a heating device 7 is arranged on the seat surface of the seat 1, and a heating device 8 is arranged on the buttress surface of the armrest 6, and the heating device 7 is connected to the heating device 8 The heating control switch 9 is arranged on the side of the chair seat 1, the front end of the file rack 5 is connected with a learning tool box 10, and the bottom end of the chair leg 3 is provided with a disc foot 11, the The seat surface of the seat 1 and the support surface of the armrest 6 are respectively provided with protective pads 12, the front end of the learning tool box 10 is provided with a push-pull handle 13, the protective pad 12 is an elastic cotton pad, and the file holder 5 is metal or For the wooden file holder, the diameter of the disc foot 11 is greater than the maximum length of the end surface of the leg 3, and the protection pad 12 is set in an arch shape.
[0018] Such as figure 1 As shown, when the multifunctional seat for students of the present invention is in use, when books and materials need to be stored, the file rack is pulled out and placed in the books and materials, and then pushed in. When heating is needed, the heating control switch can be used Heating the armrests and seats, and the disc feet are provided at the bottom of the chair legs to ensure the stability of the seat, thereby providing good assistance for students' learning and ensuring that students focus on learning.
[0019] The above are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement and improvement made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the protection of the present invention. Within range.


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