Electromagnetic trigger

A technology of electromagnetic trigger and magnet, applied in the direction of electrical components, electromechanical devices, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-09-14
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However, there is no electromagnetic trigger that makes the trigger move...
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The invention discloses an electromagnetic trigger. The electromagnetic trigger comprises a coil, a first magnet and a second magnet, wherein the first magnet and the second magnet are arranged side by side; the magnetization directions of the two magnets are opposite to each other; the coil is arranged between the two magnets; the two ends of the coil are positioned at the two ends of the magnets; and the current direction in the coil is variable. The electromagnetic trigger can achieve the purpose that the motion direction of the trigger and the magnetization directions of the magnets are the same through only two magnets, and realizes the side-to-side movement of the coil.

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Dynamo-electric machines

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PhysicsMagnet +3


  • Electromagnetic trigger
  • Electromagnetic trigger


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Example Embodiment

[0009] Examples:
[0010] An electromagnetic trigger includes a coil 13, a first magnet 11, and a second magnet 12. The first magnet 11 and the second magnet 12 are placed side by side, and the magnetization directions of the two magnets are opposite; the coil 13 is placed on the two magnets The two ends of the coil 13 are located at both ends of the magnet; the direction of current in the coil 13 is variable.


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