Nursing job training check system based on public platform

A public platform and post technology, applied in the field of online training and assessment, can solve problems such as difficult nursing personnel, and achieve the effect of increasing nursing knowledge, facilitating smooth development, and improving professional level.

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-03-15
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] Aiming at the above-mentioned deficiencies in the prior art, a public platform-based nursing post training assessment system pro...
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Method used

In one embodiment of the present invention, the examination question that online examination module sends to the personnel to be examined effectively adopts the mode that selects from question bank at random, can increase the flexibility of examination question and prevent cheating, and examination result can be according to the difficulty of different examination questions The degree is weighted, so that different candidates can be as fair and just as possible under different test questions.
In summary, the present invention can carry out on-line training to the nursing staff through t...
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The invention discloses a nursing job training check system based on a public platform, and the system comprises a user management module, an online training module, an online examination module, an evaluation management module, an information push module, an online exchange module, a department management module and a data management module. The system can perform the online training of nurses through the public platform, makes the most of the spare time of the nurses, improves the professional level of the nurses under the condition that the normal work of the nurse is not affected, performsthe examination and evaluation of the professional level, also can perform the popularization of nursing knowledge for tourists, increases the nursing knowledge of the tourists, improves the doctor-patient relationship, and improves the service level of the nurses.

Application Domain

Medical communicationData processing applications

Technology Topic

Doctor–patient relationshipJob training +8


  • Nursing job training check system based on public platform


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0022] The following describes the specific embodiments of the present invention to facilitate those skilled in the art to understand the present invention, but it should be clear that the present invention is not limited to the scope of the specific embodiments, for those of ordinary skill in the art, as long as various changes These changes are obvious within the spirit and scope of the present invention defined and determined by the appended claims, and all inventions and creations that utilize the concept of the present invention are protected.
[0023] Such as figure 1 As shown, the nursing job training and assessment system based on the public platform includes:
[0024] The user management module is used to enter the user's information through the public platform, and use the user's ID card number, work number or public platform account number as the identification certificate to grant the user pass through identification;
[0025] Online training module, used to send training materials to users who have passed identification through the public platform for online training;
[0026] The online exam module is used to send exam questions to users who have passed the identification through the public platform, and set up the exam time, count the candidates' scores, and give the assessment results;
[0027] The evaluation management module is used to evaluate the users who have passed the identification through the public platform;
[0028] Information push module, used to push information, online training information, online examination information and evaluation information through the public platform;
[0029] Online communication module, used to establish real-time communication between system customer service and users through the public platform;
[0030] Department management module, used to divide the data of different departments into corresponding departments, including internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics;
[0031] The data management module is used to store, retrieve and update the data of each user, the data of each department, training materials, examination question bank, evaluation data, and assessment results.
[0032] Public platforms include WeChat public account platforms.
[0033] The user management module is also used to automatically classify users who have obtained passes into their corresponding departments, classify users who have not passed the identity recognition as tourists, and give visitors the department data browsing authority.
[0034] The department data includes department introduction, medical staff introduction, department emergency contact information, department staff on duty, and introduction and nursing methods of common diseases in the department.
[0035] Training materials include hierarchical training materials, management training materials, teacher training materials, job training materials and continuing education training materials.
[0036] In an embodiment of the present invention, the test questions sent by the online test module to the candidates to be tested are effectively randomly selected from the test library, which can increase the flexibility of the test questions and prevent cheating. The assessment results can be weighted according to the difficulty of different test questions. Value, try to make different candidates be fair and just under different exam questions.
[0037] To sum up, the present invention can conduct online training for nursing staff through the public platform, make full use of the spare time of nursing staff, improve the professional level of nursing staff without affecting the normal work of nursing staff, and conduct assessment and evaluation on them. At the same time, it can also carry out nursing knowledge science popularization for tourists, increase tourists' nursing knowledge, enhance the relationship between doctors and patients, and improve the service level of nursing staff. The invention can also answer the questions of tourists or nursing staff online in real time, which is convenient for smooth development of nursing work.


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