Refined extraction and separation method of China hemp fibers

A technology of hemp fiber and separation method, which is applied in the direction of fiber mechanical separation, fiber treatment, chemical method to produce bast fiber, etc., and can solve the problems of hemp fiber performance instability, difficult commercial application of enzymes, unfriendly environment, etc.

Pending Publication Date: 2021-10-29
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Problems solved by technology

The traditional hemp degumming process generally adopts mechanical, chemical, and biological enzyme methods. Mechanical (dew or water return) degumming depends on the weather and makes the performance of the hemp fiber uns...
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The invention discloses a refined extraction and separation method of China-hemp fibers. The method comprises the following steps that China-hemp is socked, the China-hemp discharged from a roller press is neatly placed in a net, the China-hemp is socked in a soaking tank together, an alkaline solution with the pH value controlled to be 7-11 is contained in the soaking tank, and soaking time is 6 minutes to 12 minutes; firstly, the soaked China-hemp is transferred into another tank filled with normal-temperature clear water, the China-hemp is subjected to rinsing for 1 minute-3 minutes, then the China-hemp is taken out, spraying is conducted again to remove residual liquid, the washed China-hemp is transferred to double rollers for dehydration, then the China-hemp is conveyed to a wet opener to be opened or a kneading machine to be subjected to a kneading operation, the kneading operation is that the washed China-hemp is directly put into the wet opener or the kneading machine to be kneaded, and then the China-hemp can be used; and the China-hemp is cooked, the temperature is controlled to be 50 DEG C-60 DEG C, and then the China-hemp is subjected to microwave treatment, ultrasonic degumming treatment, neutralization, water washing and drying treatment. According to the refined extraction and separation method of the China hemp fibers, the optimal degumming condition is met, the force required for degumming is effectively reduced, and the optimal degumming effect is achieved.

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Mechanical fibre separationFibre treatment to obtain bast fibre

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Hemp fiberManufacturing engineering +4


  • Refined extraction and separation method of China hemp fibers


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Example Embodiment

[0016] Next, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be described in the following examples in the embodiments of the present invention, and it is clear that the described embodiments are merely the embodiments of the present invention, not all of the embodiments. Embodiments in the present invention, those of ordinary skill in the art are in the range of protection of the present invention without making creative labor.
[0017] In the description of the invention, it is to be noted that the term "top", "bottom", "one side", "other side", "front", "behind", "intermediate part", "internal", " The orientation or positional relationship indicated by the top "," bottom "or the like is based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, but is intended to facilitate the description of the present invention and simplified description, rather than indicating or implying that the device or component must have The specific orientation is constructed and operated in a particular direction, so it is not understood to limit the invention; the term "first", "second", "third" is only used for the purpose, and cannot be understood as an indication or hint Importance; in addition, unless otherwise clear regulations and definitions, the term "installation", "connected", "connection" should be broadly understood, for example, may be fixed connection, or detachable connection, or integrally connected; It can be a mechanical connection, or an electrical connection; it can be directly connected, or can be interconnected by an intermediate medium, which may be in the inside of the two elements. The specific meaning of the above terms in the present invention will be appreciated to those skilled in the art.
[0018] See figure 1 , According to the embodiment of the present invention, the fracture extraction separation method, the soaking of hemp, will be placed neatly from the Hanzi from the roller press, and then immersed in the soaking tank, and the soaking tank is in the soaking tank. The pH is controlled between 7-11, the soaking time is 6-12 min; first transfer the soaked Hi-hexa to the other slot, there is always warm water in the tank, and will overwater 1-3min HiChe took out again and washed the residual liquid. After the rinsing, transfer the hemp to the double roller after dehydration, transported to the wet open machine to carry out the opening, and the operation is to put the rinsing Hanzi directly into the wet After the opening of the machine or jealous, it can be used; the hemp is cooked, the control temperature is 50 ~ 60 ° C, and the hemp is subjected to microwave treatment, ultrasonic degumming treatment, neutralization, water washing and drying treatment.
[0019] Through the above-described above scheme of the present invention, the microwave treatment time is 12 min, the medium solution is selected from 0.5% NaOH solution, and the mass fraction is 0.25% NaHCO. 3 The solution, ultrasonic frequency 28 kHz, ultrasonic medium is a mass fraction of 0% to 3.0% NaOH and 1% Na2SiO3 and 2% 2na2CO3 · 3H2O2 and 0.15% DTPMPA water-based dielectric, and the temperature is selected from 45 to 60 ° C.
[0020] With the above-mentioned scheme of the present invention, the ultrasonic delatizing treatment time is 15 min, and the temperature is controlled in a temperature of 55 ° C, mass fraction 1.5% NaOH solution medium and 1% Na2SiO3 and 2% 2NA2CO3 · 3H2O2 and 0.15% DTPMPA water-based dielectric. From 45 to 60 ° C, the ultrasonic frequency was taken 28 kHz, and the power density was taken from 0.45 W / cm2 ultrasonic treatment.
[0021] With the above-described above scheme, neutralized is a citric acid solution, a pickled concentration of 9 to 10%, time 4-5 min.
[0022] Through the above-described above scheme of the present invention, the water wash solution is a commercially available aqueous solution, concentration 5-8%, and time 4-5 min.
[0023] By the above scheme, neutralization solution of the present invention is a citric acid or a sodium citrate organic acid; an alkaline solution is a sodium hydroxide solution or a calcium oxide solution.
[0024] By the above aspect of the present invention, the drying treatment method is one or more of vacuum drying, freeze drying, near-infrared drying, microwave dried, wherein the temperature does not exceed 60 ° C during drying.
[0025] Ultrasonic degumming is actually a peeling process of a nuclear bubbles, and there is countless gap and holes on the surface of Henca, and the nuclear bubbles enter these gaps and holes under the action of the sound field, then burst, produced impact resistance In combination with gaps between fibers and produce a larger gap, under the impact of nuclear bubbles, the colloid is finally peeled off, and the starch of the falling columns is evacuated, and the nuclear bubble The rupture, the local high temperature can promote the chemical reaction of the NaOH solution and the gum, which reduces the force required for the glue stripping.
[0026] It will be described with reference to the preferred embodiment of the present invention as described above, and is not intended to limit the invention. The technical scheme described in the foregoing embodiments can be modified or the equivalent replacement thereof is performed. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. according to the present invention should be included within the scope of the invention.


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