Intelligent miniature circuit breaker arc extinguishing device

A technology of miniature circuit breaker and arc extinguishing device, applied in circuit breaker parts, circuit breaker contacts, etc., can solve problems such as damage to circuits and electronic components, poor sealing effect, etc., to improve breaking capacity and facilitate arc extinguishing , to avoid damage to the circuit and the effect of electronic components

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-21
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] The arc extinguishing chamber of the existing miniature circuit breaker is closed by the shell to form a semi-airtight arc extinguishing chamber space. Due to the limitation of the structure, the airtight effect is not good, especially in the intel...
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Method used

As shown in Figure 6 and Figure 7, the position of the moving arc leading piece 4 located in the arc extinguishing cover is sunk toward the direction of the static arc leading piece 9 to form a U-shaped structure 41; the static arc leading piece 9 is located in the arc extinguishing The position inside the cover protrudes toward the direction of the moving arc plate 4 to form a convex arc structure 91 . The U-shaped structure and the convex arc structure can enhance the magnetic blowing force, which is conducive to the rapid movement of the arc, and can quickly move the arc into the arc extinguishing chamber to improve the breaking capacity.
Between the described lower arc extinguishing cover 5 extensions and the magnetic conducting sheet 3 and between the arc extinguishing sheet 10 and the magnetic conducting sheet 3, the two are respectively connected by a positioning cylinder 53; wherein the magnetic conducting sheet 3 is also buckled 52 is stuck on the extension of the lower arc extinguishing cover 5, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.
The existence of arc extinguishing cover can not only effectively isolate electric arc from PCB assembly 8 and electronic components, avoid arc damage to PCB assembly 8 and electronic components, but also can quickly form relat...
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The invention provides an intelligent miniature circuit breaker arc extinguishing device which comprises an arc extinguishing mechanism, and the arc extinguishing mechanism comprises an arc extinguishing chamber, a movable arc striking sheet and a static arc striking sheet. The arc extinguishing mechanism is covered with the arc extinguishing cover with the closed periphery so that the air pressure of the arc extinguishing chamber is increased, pressure difference is formed between the arc extinguishing chamber and the outside, and airflow is smoothly exhausted from the exhaust port. Two ends of the arc extinguishing cover are respectively provided with an air inlet and an air outlet; the air inlet faces an area between the moving contact assembly and the static contact assembly; and the exhaust port faces an area between the two groups of wire inlet terminals. The independent arc extinguishing cover is additionally arranged outside the arc extinguishing mechanism so that electric arcs can be effectively isolated from a circuit board and electronic elements, the electric arcs are prevented from damaging the circuit and the electronic elements, a relative high voltage can be rapidly formed in the arc extinguishing chamber, the gas in the arc extinguishing chamber can be rapidly exhausted, and arc extinguishing is facilitated; meanwhile, the arc striking sheet is an arc-shaped structure so that the arc is easy to move into the arc extinguishing chamber, and the breaking capacity is improved.

Application Domain

Circuit-breaking switch contacts

Technology Topic

Electric arcStructural engineering +3


  • Intelligent miniature circuit breaker arc extinguishing device
  • Intelligent miniature circuit breaker arc extinguishing device
  • Intelligent miniature circuit breaker arc extinguishing device


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 1:
[0027] like Figure 1-5 As shown in a smart miniature circuit breaker device of this invention, including arc extinguishing mechanism, the arc extinguishing mechanism includes a quenching chamber 6, the top end of the arc chamber 6 and the other end connected to the circuit breaker movable contact assembly static arc plate adjacent to the head 2 movable arc sheet 4, and both ends are connected to the bottom of the arc chamber of the circuit breaker fixed contact assembly 6 1 9; the fully enclosed extinguishing arc extinguishing mechanism in the housing cover, facilitates the presence interrupter cover extinguishing chamber pressure rise, a pressure difference with the outside thereof, the gas stream is discharged smoothly through the exhaust port 11; 11 are respectively provided with an intake port and an exhaust port 12 at both ends of the arc chute .
[0028] Specifically, the interrupter arc chute including a lower cover 5, the interrupter cover 7, guide the magnetic sheet 3, sheet 10 interrupter.
[0029] Quenching the lower cover 5 and the upper cover 7 interrupter 6 are mounted above and below the interrupter and the interrupter as one piece covering 6, to form a closed space. Quenching the lower cover 5 and 7 by a snap or screw cap detached from the interrupter piece together for easy removal for maintenance.
[0030] Quenching the right cover 5 is provided to extend to the right stationary arc runner plate portion 9 extends downward, the arc chute the arc portion 5 extends the effective isolation PCB assembly 8 and the movable arc sheet 5 (the left section) , to prevent burning the electronic component on the PCB assembly and 8.
[0031] The extinguishing plate 10 is detachably mounted on the right and the arc-extinguishing cover 7 is located above the stationary arc runner plate (the left section) 9 and the movable arc piece 4.
[0032] The two magnetic sheets 3 and the number of arc chutes are detachably mounted on the lower side 5 extend underside 10 and the arc-extinguishing plate. The magnetic sheets 3 made of low carbon steel, can enhance the magnetic field strength of the magnetic arc blow.
[0033] Quenching the arc-extinguishing cover sheet 5 extending portion 10 stitched into the intake port 11, the intake port 11 toward the movable contact assembly 2 and the region between a fixed contact assembly, gas inlet and gas into an arc aisle. Quenching the cover 5 and the upper left side of the arc chute 7 are stitched into the opening and an exhaust port 12; 12 toward the exhaust port region between the two terminals of the circuit breaker into the line (the circuit breaker is provided at a region there are air outlets). The intake port 11 is greater than the diameter of the exhaust port 12 diameter; the exhaust port 12 by the arc-extinguishing cover to the extending direction of the inlet terminals and tapering diameter is one half or less of the original diameter. 6 further facilitate formation of a relatively high voltage interrupter, the arc-extinguishing gas is rapidly exhausted chamber 6, is conducive interrupter.
[0034] 3 between the sheet 10 and the interrupter 53 and the two magnetic sheets are connected by positioning the cylinder 3 between the arc chute and the guide portion 5 extends magnetic sheet; further wherein the lower guide 3 by a snap magnet pieces card 52 the arc chute portion 5 extends, for easy removal for maintenance.
[0035] Presence interrupter cover not only the arc can be effectively the PCB assembly and electronic components 8 were effectively isolated, to avoid arcing and damage to electronic components PCB assembly 8, but also can be formed rapidly in a relatively high pressure within the arc chamber 6, so that the arc-extinguishing rapid gas discharge chamber 6, is conducive to arcing.
[0036] When the circuit breaker breaking current, the movable contact assembly 2 and the stationary contact assembly 1 separately, form an arc, movement due to contact forming a U-shaped loop current, a magnetic force, by moving the arc arc arc plate 4 and the stationary plate 9 (under the action of magnetic blow) mobile 6 to the intake port 11 from the arc chamber, the arc grids into extinguished, a relatively high pressure gas within the arc chamber 6, and then can quickly from the exhaust port 12 discharge, arcing enhance efficiency.

Example Embodiment

[0037] Example 2:
[0038] Difference between the present embodiment and the first embodiment in that:
[0039] like Image 6 , Figure 7 , The arc runner of the movable plate 4 is positioned within the arc chute portion 9 toward the stationary arc direction of the recess 41 formed in a U-shaped sheet structure; the stationary arc runner plate portion 9 is located within the arc chute the arc toward the movable plate 4 is formed in a convex arc direction projection structure 91. U-shaped structure with a convex arc magnetic blow structure can enhance the strength, facilitate rapid movement of the arc, the arc can move quickly to the interrupter chamber, to improve the breaking capacity.


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