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Real-time adjustable and controllable hanging type underground oil and water separating system

The invention discloses a real-time adjustable and controllable hanging type underground oil and water separating system, which comprises an underground sleeve pipe, a water injection oil pipe, an oil extracting oil pipe and a flow rate control valve, wherein the flow rate control valve is arranged at the wellhead part, the aboveground ground is provided with a visual control device, a hanging type three-way joint connected with the oil extracting oil pipe, an oil and water separator and the water injection oil pipe is arranged in the sleeve, the oil and water separator is connected with an electric submersible pump unit, a water injection pressure regulating device is arranged on the water injection oil pipe, a flow rate and pressure monitoring instrument is arranged in the electric submersible pump unit, a flow rate and pressure monitoring instrument and a regulating valve are arranged in the flow rate control valve, monitoring instrument cables and signal transmission cables are respectively connected among the electric submersible pump unit, the water injection pressure regulating device, the flow rate control valve and the visual control device, the visual control device converts received real-time flow rate and pressure signals into visual data to be output, and the work of the whole system is regulated and controlled. The hanging type underground oil and water separating system has the advantages that the stability is high, the treatment capability is high, and the hanging type underground oil and water separating system can be widely applied to an oilfield same-well production injection process.

High strength steel plate hot stamping die for automobile parts

The invention discloses a high strength steel plate hot stamping die for automobile parts. The high strength steel plate hot stamping die for the automobile parts mainly consists of a male die body (a male die and a male die connecting fixing plate), a female die body (a female die and a female die connecting fixing plate), blank holders, cooling pipelines, connecting devices, positioning devices, U-shaped connecting hoses and pipe joints. The male die, the male die connecting fixing plate, the female die, the female die connecting fixing plate and the blank holders are respectively manufactured, and grooves used for fixing the cooling pipes are respectively processed. The cooling pipelines are manufactured into shape-following cooling pipelines which are consistent with the shape trends of the parts by adopting copper pipes, are respectively arranged in the grooves respectively arranged in the male die body, the female die body and the blank holders, and are externally connected with a master cooling pipeline through the U-shaped connecting hoses and the pipe joints to form a cooling closed loop. The hot stamping die disclosed by the invention is simple and compact in structure and convenient in maintenance, is reliable and practical, can be used for evenly and rapidly cooling the parts during a stamping process and is in favor of enhancing the working stability per se and prolonging the service life per se.

Aluminum electrolysis cell cathode structure of horizontal current in controllable regulation aluminum liquid

InactiveCN102181883ASmall fluctuationImprove the electric fieldMetallurgyEnergy consumption
The invention discloses an aluminum electrolysis cell cathode structure of horizontal current in controllable regulation aluminum liquid. A continuously or partially bulged cathode steel bar is used or a cushion material with high electric conductivity is cushioned at the partial position between a common rectangular steel bar and a cathode carbon block, so that the distribution and the size of the horizontal current in the aluminum liquid can be readjusted by the cathode structure. Structural parameters are determined by the cathode structure according to an actual groove-type design, the horizontal current in the aluminum liquid can be obviously reduced when the cathode structure is used in an aluminum electrolysis cell, and the distribution of the horizontal current in the aluminum liquid can be optimized to prevent an area with higher horizontal current density from being superposed with an area having a larger vertical magnetic field, so that the effects of weakening the vertical fluctuation of the aluminum liquid and stabilizing the horizontal motion of a melt are achieved; therefore, electrolysis can be operated within a relatively short electrode distance, energy consumption can be reduced greatly, and the cathode structure is easy and convenient to process and is easy to realize.

Intelligent earthquake bed

The invention belongs to the technical field of safety devices for earthquake disasters, and relates to an intelligent earthquake bed which solves the technical problems of complicated structure, low work stability and the like in the prior art. The earthquake bed comprises a bedstead, wherein two bed board shafts which are distributed along a long shaft of the bedstead are arranged on the bedstead; a bed board is fixed on each bed board shaft; a power mechanism capable of enabling two bed boards to rotate in an opposite direction and enabling a human body positioned on the bed boards to fall into the bedstead is arranged between the bedstead and the bed board; after the human body falls into the bedstead, the bed boards can be driven by the power mechanism to cover over the human body; the power mechanism is connected with a control circuit; and a pressure sensor and an earthquake sensor are connected to the control circuit. The intelligent earthquake bed has the following advantages of: reasonable design, simple structure, high automation degree, convenient operation and use, high safety performance, capacity of effectively protecting the human body when an earthquake occurs and avoiding injuries and deaths, high work stability, stable rotation of the bed boards, and no damage to the human body when the human body falls.

Isolated soft switching two-diode forward resonant DC / DC (direct-current/direct-current) circuit

The invention relates to electric-power, electron and electric-energy circuits, aim to provide an isolated soft switching two-diode forward resonant DC / DC (direct-current/direct-current) circuit. The circuit comprises a power source, two switching diodes, two clamping diodes, a high-frequency isolation transformer, a primary winding, a secondary winding, an output rectifier diode and an output filter capacitor, and further comprises an input side inductor, a resonant inductor and a resonant capacitor. The resonant capacitor Cr is connected with the power source in parallel, and the input side inductor is located between the resonant capacitor and the power source. The resonant inductor is connected with the transformer primary winding in series. Load formed by the resonant inductor, the resonant capacitor and the output voltage forms resonant circuits in series. By the isolated soft switching two-diode forward resonant DC / DC circuit, a power switching diode operates while zero voltage switches on and quasi-zero current is in switched off state, voltage at two ends of the power switching diode is reduced, overlap time of current passing through the power switching diode is reduced, and switching consumption of the power switching diode is reduced; energy on parasitic inductors or capacitors can be recovered, and energy converting efficiency is improved; energy consumption on the circuit is reduced, and energy is saved.

Plasma air purification-sterilization device

The invention discloses a plasma air purification-sterilization device. The air purification-sterilization device mainly comprises a shell, a circulating fan, a primary filter, a plasma reactor, a negative-ion generator, a high-efficiency air filtration device and an MCU (Micro Controller Unit). The air purification-sterilization device is also provided with a circuit protection system to guarantee the sable and safe work of the whole device. A waveform pole plate and an electricity discharging metal wire parallel to the waveform pole plate are adopted to serve as a basic reaction unit of the plasma reactor, and the waveform pole plate can disturb the air entering the waveform pole plate to furthest diffuse the air to the periphery of an electrode wire, so that the aim of complete sterilization is achieved. The plasma reactor works under high voltage and can generate high-concentration plasma for high-efficiency sterilization, and a circuit protection module is arranged so as to allow the device to work stably and reliably. The air purification-sterilization device is also provided with a temperature sensor, an air quality sensor, a dust sensor and a human body infrared detection device which are capable of detecting environment conditions in real time and are matched with the MCU, so that the automatic detection and control on air purification and sterilization are achieved.

Current collector, pole piece of current collector and battery

The invention relates to the battery field, in particular to a current collector, a pole piece of the current collector and a battery. The current collector comprises an insulating layer and a conducting layer, wherein the insulating layer is used for bearing the conducting layer; the conducting layer is used for bearing an electrode active material layer, the conducting layer is located on at least one surface of the insulating layer, and the thickness of the conducting layer is D2, wherein D2 meets the relation of 300nm<=D2<=2 microns; the current collector also comprises a protective layerarranged on at least one surface of the conducting layer. Through the current collector, short-circuit resistance generated in a short circuit when the battery is abnormal can be increased, so that ashort-circuit current is substantially reduced, short-circuit heat output is greatly lowered, and the safety of the battery is improved; meanwhile, the protective layer can improve the mechanical strength of the conducting layer, so that the safety of the battery is further improved; and besides, the conducting layer can be prevented from being damaged or subjected to oxidation, corrosion and other phenomena, so that the working stability of the current collector is remarkably improved, and the service life of the current collector is remarkably prolonged.

Phase-transition self-temperature-regulating heat-preserving facing brick of external wall and manufacturing method thereof

InactiveCN101705741AHigh quality light weight, compressive strengthLight in massCovering/liningsSolid waste managementBrickSilicon oxide
The invention relates to a phase-transition self-temperature-regulating heat-preserving facing brick of an external wall, which is an integrated structure compacted by a phase-transition heat-preserving layer and an inorganic facing layer, wherein the phase-transition heat-preserving layer is mixed by proportion and compacted by hull-type expanded perlite heat-preserving aggregates, phase-transition temperature-regulating aggregates and cements; the inorganic facing layer is mixed by quartz sand, calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, cement and silicon oxide powders; and the phase-transition temperature-regulating aggregate is made of phase-transition cores and encapsulated hulls. The manufacturing method not only effectively solves the encapsulation problem of the phase-transition material, leads the prepared phase-transition self-temperature-regulating heat-preserving facing brick of the external wall to have excellent heat-preserving performance, waterproof performance and permanent anti-ageing performance, but also radically solves the obsolescence of thermo-physical property and the leakage problem of phase-transition material in the circulation process. The facing brick has the advantages of light weight, strong adhesion strength, large compressive strength, heat insulation, heat preservation, waterproof and moisture-proof performances, obvious energy-saving effect, and the like.

Fire alarm control system

The invention discloses a fire alarm control system which comprises a master controller, a wireless communication module and a power module, wherein the wireless communication module is connected with the master controller; the input end of the master controller is connected with a signal acquisition module and a camera; the output end of the master controller is connected with a water spray suppression device, a guiding system, a broadcasting system and a scavenger fan; the guiding system is connected with an indicator lamp module; the broadcasting system is connected with a loudspeaker box; the wireless communication module is connected with a monitoring host; the signal acquisition module, the camera, the guiding system and the broadcasting system are arranged at the stairway in the building; the water spray suppression device is arranged at the top in the building; the scavenger fan is arranged on the wall and communicated with the outdoor; the monitoring host is arranged in the residential area monitor room. The fire alarm control system can be used for indicating the safe escape direction and displacing the dense smoke outdoors through the scavenger fan while reducing the fire by the water spray suppression device, and has the advantages of high control reliability, high working stability, long service life, strong practicability, good using effect and convenience in popularization and use.

Mains complementation controller for solar street lamp and control method of controller

The invention discloses a mains complementation controller for a solar street lamp. The controller comprises a solar cell panel, a charging module, a microprocessor, a constant-current output module, a switching power supply, a voltage detection module and a battery. The invention also discloses a control method of the controller. The controller is skillful and reasonable in structural design, when the electric quantity stored in the battery by the solar energy is insufficient, the controller is switched to a mains supply automatically in a seamless mode, the effect that the solar energy is used preferentially and the mains supply serves as a supplement can be effectively achieved, and charging and discharging can be controlled automatically according to different working parameters and states, so that the charging and the discharging are kept at the optimal states, the utilization efficiency of the solar energy is improved, the energy resources are effectively saved, the whole process is automatic, and the intelligent degree is high. The control method is simple in step, easy to implement, capable of supplying electricity by the battery and achieving seamless switching to the mains supply, effectively guaranteeing the sufficient utilization of solar energy resources, greatly prolonging the service life of the battery and reducing the maintenance cost and beneficial to popularization and application.

Double-flexible-cantilever-beam vibration measurement and control device and method based on laser binocular vision

The invention discloses a double-flexible-cantilever-beam vibration measurement and control device and method based on laser binocular vision. The device comprises two flexible cantilever beams connected in series. The flexible cantilever beams are provided with piezoelectric ceramic drivers, piezoelectric ceramic sensors and accelerometers. The device also comprises a line laser, an industrial camera, a servo motor and a planetary speed reducer. The line laser generates a laser light resource, and combined with the industrial camera, in a complete non-contact mode, the bending vibration of the cantilever beams is detected. The speed of the servo motor is reduced by the planetary speed reducer, and the servo motor is used for controlling the rotation of the cantilever beams, receiving a vibration suppression signal obtained by a vibration control algorithm and suppressing the vibration of the cantilever beams at the same time. The device can be used for the vibration measurement and control of a space flexible joint, laser is used as the light resource without the affection of sun light, thus the working stability is maintained, and a reference is provided for the vibration measurement and vibration suppression of a flexible aerospace structure.

Intelligent controller of overhead working truck

The invention discloses an intelligent controller of an overhead working truck. The controller is provided with an ARM control module, and is characterized in that: the ARM control module is connected with a power conversion module, a CAN bus communication module, an RS232 communication module, a switch quantity input module, an analogue quantity input module, a PWM output module, an analogue quantity output module, an audio output module and a watchdog module, wherein the modules are connected with the ARM control module through a photoelectric isolation circuit respectively. The ARM control module consists of an ARM processor, an SDRAM memory, a Flash memory, a reset circuit and a programming interface. The intelligent controller disclosed by the invention forms a complete electric control system of the overhead working truck, senses the working information of the overhead working truck by obtaining the data of each sensor, realizes the basic moving functions of an arm support and the intelligent functions of tipping prevention, collision prevention, self damage prevention, automatic collection/expansion and the like by controlling each output port, and can ensure safety, reduce the operation difficulty and improve the intellectualization level.
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