Utrafiltration apparatus and its operation guide

An ultrafilter and outlet technology, applied in the field of ultrafiltration devices, can solve problems such as difficulty in finding a matching feed pump and circulation pump, deterioration, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2004-12-29
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figure 2 The dual-pump ultrafiltration device shown is suitable for industrial production operations. Due to the small amount of feed liquid in the laboratory, it is difficult to find a well-matched feed pump and circulation...
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The present invention is one kind of ultrafiltering apparatus and its application method. The ultrafilter includes material tank, circulating pump, ultrafilter and jet pipe, with the circulating pump and the ultrafilter constituting closed loop ultrafiltering system. Controlling the valve connected to the outlet of the ultrafilter can realize batched intermittent operation and continuous operation. The concentrated liquid is not returned directly to the material tank and contacted with outer air, and this can avoid the oxidizing deterioration of some air-sensitive matter in the liquid to be processed, and avoid some easy-to-bubble matter to bubble and overflow, resulting in shortened processing period.

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Continuous operationCirculating pump +2


  • Utrafiltration apparatus and its operation guide
  • Utrafiltration apparatus and its operation guide
  • Utrafiltration apparatus and its operation guide


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[0014] Application example 1:
[0015] Adopt attached image 3 In the device shown, the tank can hold 10 liters of solution at a time. The ultrafilter is a small hollow fiber module with a diameter of 50mm. It is equipped with a polysulfone neutral fiber ultrafiltration membrane with an effective membrane area of ​​0.18 square meters. The membrane inner diameter is 1.1mm. The cutting molecular weight is 50,000. The pump is a stainless steel pump with a flow rate of 0.6t/h. The working pressure is: the inlet pressure of the ultrafilter is 0.12MPa, the outlet pressure is 0.08MPa, and the average membrane pressure is 0.10MPa. This device ultrafiltration treats a Chinese herbal medicine compound drug produced by the Pharmaceutical Factory Affiliated to China Medical University. 10 liters of material liquid can be processed in less than 3 hours, and 10 liters of very transparent ultrafiltrate is obtained, and 610 ml of concentrated liquid is released. Is 16.4 times.


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