Lead-acid battery cover

A technology for lead-acid batteries and battery covers, which is applied to battery pack parts, circuits, electrical components, etc. It can solve the problems of small contact area between terminals and sealant, easy loosening and sparking, etc., so that it is not easy to loosen and extend The effect of increasing the service life and increasing the stability

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-08-24
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[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a lead-acid battery cover, which can effectively solve the problem of the existing lead-acid batter...
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The invention discloses a lead-acid battery cover, which comprises a battery cover body, a wiring terminal and a connecting copper sheet, wherein a counter bore is arranged on the battery cover, the wiring terminal penetrates through the connecting copper sheet, and the wiring terminal is arranged in the counter bore. The lead-acid battery cover has the advantages of being capable of increasing the stability of the wiring terminal, enabling the wiring terminal to be less prone to looseness and prolonging the service life of a battery.

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  • Lead-acid battery cover
  • Lead-acid battery cover


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Example Embodiment

[0010] Refer to figure 1 This is an embodiment of a lead-acid battery cover of the present invention. A lead-acid battery cover includes a battery cover body 1, a connecting terminal 2, and a connecting copper sheet 3. The battery cover is provided with a counterbore 4, and the connecting terminal 2 through the connecting copper sheet 3, the connecting terminal 2 is arranged in the counterbore 4, the connecting terminal 2 includes a connecting portion 21 and a connecting portion 22, the connecting portion 22 is connected to the bottom of the connecting portion 21, the The connecting portion 21 is provided with a threaded hole 23 connected to the outside. The connecting portion 22 passes through the connecting copper sheet 3 and is arranged in the counterbore 4, and the threaded hole 23 on the connecting portion 21 extends to the connecting portion 22 Inside, the diameter of the connecting portion 22 is smaller than the diameter of the connecting portion 21.
[0011] The connecting portion 22 of the connecting terminal 2 is first passed through the connecting copper sheet 3, and then put into the counterbore 4, and then the connecting terminal 2 is fixed with the sealant 5.
[0012] The above are only specific embodiments of the present invention, but the technical features of the present invention are not limited thereto. Any changes or modifications made by any person skilled in the art in the field of the present invention are all covered by the patent scope of the present invention Among.


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