Solar profile automatic production line

An automatic production line and solar profile technology, applied in the direction of connecting components, mechanical equipment, etc., can solve the problems of excessive manual processes, low production efficiency, high production costs, etc., to reduce production costs, reduce labor costs, installation and use The effect of convenient work

Active Publication Date: 2011-12-21
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[0003] Purpose of the invention: The solar profile automatic production line of the present invention is to solve the problems of uneven pr...
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The invention discloses an automatic production line of a solar sectional material. The automatic production line mainly comprises a charging bracket part, a charging conveying part, an adhesive tape pasting part, a blanking part, a bending part and a control cabinet body, wherein the charging bracket part and the charging conveying part are connected in parallel; the outlet of the charging bracket part is connected with the inlet of the adhesive tape pasting part; the outlet of the adhesive tape pasting part is connected with the inlet of the blanking part; the outlet of the blanking part isconnected with the inlet of the bending part; and the control cabinet body is connected with the whole production line by virtue of lines. By adopting the automatic production line, the problems of uneven products, high production cost, low production efficiency and low profit rate caused by excessive manual procedures in the current industry are solved. By adopting the mechanical automatic production line mode, the problem of staff redundancy is fundamentally solved, and machines with precise control are utilized to ensure the unification of the specification of produced products.

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  • Solar profile automatic production line
  • Solar profile automatic production line
  • Solar profile automatic production line


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[0031] Implementation
[0032] like figure 1 As shown, the solar profile automatic production line of the present invention is composed of a feeding support part 1, a feeding conveying part 2, a tape sticking part 3, a punching part 4, a bending part 5, and a control cabinet 6.
[0033] like figure 1 As shown, the feeding support part 1, the tape sticking part 3, the punching part 4 and the bending part 5 are connected in sequence, the feeding support part 1 and the feeding conveying part 2 are connected side by side, and the control cabinet 6 is placed in the punching part. 4 and the bending part 5, and are connected with each part of the entire production line through lines.
[0034] like figure 2 , Figure 8 As shown, the feeding support part 1 is composed of a support positioning structure 11 and a traveling device 12. The support positioning structure 11 completes the positioning of the profile, and the traveling device 12 adjusts the speed of the profile according to the command of the control cabinet.
[0035] like image 3 , Figure 9 The shown feeding and conveying part 2 is composed of a crawler positioning device 7, a conveying frame body 8, a crawler 9 and a conveying controller 10; the feeding and conveying part 2 has an automatic feeding function, which can be controlled by the control cabinet 6 by operating the conveying controller 10 The crawler 9 travels, and the profiles on the crawler positioning device 7 are transported to the bracket positioning structure 11 of the feeding bracket part 1 to complete the positioning of the profiles on the feeding bracket part 1, thereby completing the automatic feeding function.
[0036] like Figure 4 , Figure 7 The tape sticking part 3 shown is composed of a transmission device 13, a sticking device 14, and a sensing device 15; the transmission device 13 and the sticking device 14 complete the sticking of the tape to the profile. The sensor device 15 includes 3 sensors, when a profile flows into the entrance of the tape sticking part 2, it automatically starts to work, and after the whole profile flows out, the tape is automatically cut off. At the same time, the sensing device 15 on the tape sticking part 3 will monitor the amount of remaining tape and whether the tape is broken during the sticking process in real time, and automatically stop the tape sticking part 3 when a problem occurs, and send an alarm to the control cabinet at the same time. 6 on. After the problem is resolved and the sensor alarm is removed, the control cabinet 6 can issue an order to start the operation again.
[0037] like Figure 5 The shown blanking part 4 is composed of a control device 16, a blanking die 17, a feeding port 18 and a discharging port 19; among which the types of the blanking die 17 are 6 sets; commands can be issued through the control device 16 according to requirements to control the control The cabinet 6 uses different punching dies 17 to punch the profiles.
[0038] like Image 6 The shown bending part 5 is composed of a bending die 20, a processing frame 21 and a bending bed 22; the length, angle and times of bending the profile can be adjusted by controlling the cabinet 6's command to the bending die 20.
[0039] The control cabinet 6 has the ability to control the entire production line, and can start the operation of the production line individually or as a whole, and the alarms and problems of each part will also be displayed on the control cabinet.
[0040] The specific operation process: on the control cabinet 6, after pre-setting the operation to be performed on the profiles, the entire production line is started, and the feeding and conveying part 2 is placed on the crawler belt 9 through the command of the conveying controller 10. The crawler positioning device The profiles between 7 and 7 are transported to the bracket positioning structure 11 of the feeding bracket part 1. After the feeding bracket part 1 has positioned the profiles, the traveling device 12 starts to transmit to the tape sticking part 3. After the transmission device 13 and the sticking device 14 complete the process of sticking the tape to the profile, the profile enters the punching part 4 and is punched by a predetermined punching die 17 . Finally, the profile enters the bending part 5 and enters the processing frame 21 after being subjected to a bending operation by the bending die 20 . Finally picked up by workers.
[0041] An embodiment of the present invention has been described in detail above, but the content is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, and cannot be considered to limit the scope of the present invention. All equivalent changes and improvements made according to the scope of the application of the present invention should still belong to the scope of the patent of the present invention.


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