Total-column translation machine of motor train unit

A technology for EMUs and trains, which is applied in the direction of turntable/moving platform, railway car body parts, transportation and packaging, etc. It can solve the problems of small turning radius, energy waste, and increased difficulty of train diversion and rectification, etc., and achieves benefits Adjust rail materials to facilitate the effect of inter-node rectification

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-12-05
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[0002] At present, high-speed trains change their running routes and reverse their running directions. They are still implemented by turning the switch and making a big circle. The hurricane blows violently all the way while drivin...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of construction of high-speed railways, and discloses a total-column translation machine for a motor train unit. The total-column translation machine comprises a bearing platform, a plurality of groups of train tracks, a plurality of bearing platform running tracks, a plurality of groups of bearing platform wheels, a power device, a control device and a foundation. The train tracks are laid on a platform surface of the bearing platform, the wheels are arranged under the bearing platform, the bearing platform wheel running tracks are laid on the foundation, and linkage control rooms are arranged on one side of a railway and positioned at two ends of the bearing platform; and the bearing platform running tracks are arranged on the foundation and are perpendicular to the train tracks, and the parallel train tracks spaced from one another by equal distances are arranged on the bearing platform. The motor train unit can be quickly translated in a total-column manner, relevant trunk roads are unobstructed after the motor train unit is translated, distances among carriages of the motor train unit are greatly reduced beneficially, flow regulation among the carriages is facilitated, materials of steel rails can be adjusted beneficially, and beneficial conditions for innovating railways and other relevant components of the motor train unit are created.

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Wheel runningMechanical engineering +2


  • Total-column translation machine of motor train unit
  • Total-column translation machine of motor train unit
  • Total-column translation machine of motor train unit


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Example Embodiment

[0020] The full train translation machine of the EMU of the present invention is composed of a platform and its platform 1, a train track 2, a platform running track 3, a platform wheel 4, a power device, a control device, and a foundation.
[0021] The supporting platform framework 5 of the present invention is a steel structure. The platform 1 of the platform is laid with a train track 2, and a plurality of sets of wheels 4 are arranged under the platform, and a plurality of platform wheel running tracks 3 are laid on the foundation. There is a linkage control room on the side, and the main body of the power unit and the control device are arranged under the end of the bearing platform. In order to facilitate the observation of the working status of the locking device and the train stopping condition, the control room is semi-submersible, that is, the control room is nearly half lower than the bearing platform. Countertop 1
[0022] The platform running track 3 is arranged perpendicular to the train track 2.
[0023] There are more than three sets of parallel and equidistant train tracks 2 on the bearing platform to facilitate the shifting of trains and to keep the relevant arterial roads in a smooth state after translation.
[0024] The control device includes a braking device and a locking device. The main body of the locking device is a wedge-shaped lock tongue 7 and a rectangular lock hole 6. The lock tongue 7 and the lock hole 6 are respectively placed on the end of the rail adjacent to the bearing platform and the railway. Below the part, the lock hole 6 and the upper part of the movable passage of the lock tongue 7 are fixedly connected to the end of the relevant rail through components such as plates and screws.
[0025] Below the end of the railway adjacent to the platform, together with the keyhole 6 is placed on the chute at the end of the adjustable rail to adjust the distance between the platform and the rail in time.
[0026] The lock tongue 7 pops out first after receiving the information, and then is pushed by a suitable hydraulic pressure, pneumatic or electric screw, etc. The front end of the lock tongue inserted into the lock hole 6 is wedge-shaped, and the rear end is a cylinder, between the lock hole 6. With a slight gap, the information received by the tongue 7 can be the received laser beam, or can be a human command, including a remote control command.
[0027] In order to overcome the huge impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the operation of the full train translation machine for this extra-long EMU: 1) The two sides of the wheel circumference 14 of the platform wheel 4 are convex, and the width of the inner concave surface in the middle is larger than the top surface of the platform running rail. The brackets 13 on both sides of the wheel 4 are fixedly connected to the bracket movable top plate 11 above the bracket 13, and the bracket movable top plate 11 is clamped by the clip 12 on the bracket fixed top plate 10 and can be slid and positioned in the clip 12; 2) A transmission rod 15 is fixedly connected to the train track 4 at the end of the platform, and elastic track clamps 16 are arranged on both sides of the train track 4 at the end of the platform. The train track 4 at the end of the platform can be controlled sliding and positioning on the platform 1 .
[0028] The train track 2 on the platform 1 of the present invention can be set straight or slightly concave in the middle. The two ends of the train track 2 are smoothly upwards to hold the train; the corresponding platform 1 of the present invention can be flat , It can also be slightly concave in the middle.


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