Shoe capable of preventing shoelace from loosening

A shoelace and shoe body technology, applied in the field of shoes, can solve the problems that children are easy to cause danger, loose and fall, tripping feet and other problems

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-12-18
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Due to the smooth material of the shoelaces, especially some shoelaces with a round interface, they are easy t...
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Method used

A kind of anti-shoelace as shown in Figure 1 looses and falls the shoe, comprises shoe body 1, and the bottom of shoe body 1 connects sole 3, and sole 3 is provided with anti-slip pattern, can prevent walking from slipping. The top center of the shoe body 1 is provided with a shoe tongue 2, and both sides of the shoe tongue 2 are symmetrically provided with a plurality of perforations, which are conne...
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The invention discloses a shoe capable of preventing a shoelace from loosening. The shoe comprises a shoe body, wherein the bottom of the shoe body is connected with a sole; the sole is provided with anti-skid textures; a shoe tongue is arranged on the shoe body; perforation holes are formed in the two sides of the shoe tongue; the shoelace penetrates through the perforation holes; an annular clip is arranged in the center of the shoe tongue and at the top position; the annular clip consists of two semi-circular structures; and a rubber pad is arranged on an inner ring of the annular clip. After the shoelace is knotted at the perforation position on the top, the knot is clamped by the annular clip, and the rubber pad on the inner ring of the annular clip can increase a friction force between the annular clip and the shoelace, so that clamping is enhanced, the knot tied by the shoelace is difficult to loose, and danger caused by loosening of the shoelace is avoided.

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  • Shoe capable of preventing shoelace from loosening


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Example Embodiment

[0008] All the features disclosed in this specification, or all disclosed methods or steps in the process, except for mutually exclusive features and/or steps, can be combined in any manner.
[0009] Any feature disclosed in this specification (including any appended claims, abstract and drawings), unless specifically stated, can be replaced by other equivalent or equivalent alternative features. That is, unless otherwise stated, each feature is just one example of a series of equivalent or similar features.
[0010] Such as figure 1 The shown shoelace prevention shoe includes a shoe body 1, the bottom of the shoe body 1 is connected to a shoe sole 3, and the shoe sole 3 is provided with anti-skid patterns to prevent slipping while walking. The top center of the shoe body 1 is provided with a tongue 2, and the two sides of the tongue 2 are symmetrically provided with a plurality of perforations. The perforations are connected by a lace 4, and a ring clip 5 is connected to the center of the tongue at the highest perforation position. , The ring clip 5 is composed of two semi-circular ring structures. The inner ring of the ring clip 5 is provided with a rubber pad. The rubber pad can increase the friction. The ring clip 5 clamps the knots of the shoelaces so that it will not Make the knot loose.
[0011] The present invention is not limited to the foregoing specific embodiments. The present invention extends to any new feature or any new combination disclosed in this specification, and any new method or process step or any new combination disclosed.


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