Multifunctional computer table

A computer desk and multi-functional technology, which is applied in the field of computer desks, can solve the problems of poor heat dissipation and large space for storage of notebook computers, and achieve the effect of reducing the occupied space and placing it firmly

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-01-08
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[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a multi-functional computer table, which...
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A multifunctional computer table mainly solves the problem that a notebook computer is poor in heat dissipation and large storage space is occupied. The multifunctional computer table structurally comprises a table top, telescopic supporting legs, fans and a pothook, wherein a rectangular groove is formed in the middle of the table top, at least one fan is arranged in the groove, the four corners of the bottom of the table top are respectively provided with one telescopic supporting leg, and one side edge of the table top is provided with the pothook. The notebook computer supplies electricity to the fans through a USB. According to the multifunctional computer table, the structure that the table top is provided with the notebook computer fixing groove and the fans is adopted, so that the notebook computer can be placed more firmly, and auxiliary heat dissipation of the notebook computer can be achieved; by the adoption of the telescopic supporting legs and the pothook, the multifunctional computer table can be folded and hung on a wall when not used, and occupied space is reduced.

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[0009] Such as figure 1 Shown. A multifunctional computer desk, which structure includes a table top 1, telescopic legs 4, a fan 3 and a hook 6. The middle of the table top 1 is provided with a rectangular groove 2, and the groove 2 is provided with at least one fan 3 , The bottom four corners of the desktop 1 are each provided with a telescopic leg 4, the locking of the telescopic leg 4 is controlled by a fixing bolt 5, and a hook 6 is provided on one side of the desktop 1. The fan 3 obtains electricity from the notebook computer via USB.
[0010] When in use, expand the telescopic legs 4, adjust the length of each telescopic leg 4 independently according to the actual situation of the placement position, and lock it with the fixing bolt 5, so that the desktop 1 can always be kept level on an uneven surface. Placing the notebook computer in the groove 2 can prevent it from shifting and falling off. The fan 3 in the groove 2 can provide air flow cooling for the notebook computer, and improve the heat dissipation effect of the notebook computer. When idle, the telescopic leg 4 can be stowed and hung on the wall through the hook 6 to reduce the space occupied.
[0011] The above are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention and do not limit the present invention in any form. Any person skilled in the art can use the technical content disclosed above without departing from the scope of the technical solution of the present invention. Some changes or modifications are made into equivalent embodiments with equivalent changes, but any simple modifications, equivalent changes and modifications made to the above embodiments based on the technical essence of the present invention without departing from the technical solutions of the present invention still belong to Within the scope of the technical solution of the present invention.


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