Wiring board protection cover

A wiring board and protective cover technology, applied in the field of protective cover, can solve the problems such as welding slag easily falling into the wiring board, electric shock accidents, wiring board damage, etc., and achieve the effect of preventing accidental touching or stepping on the wiring board

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-03-26
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The workers and masters in the factory generally need to use large electrical equipment when they work, and they need a lot of terminal boards. If they are not careful, it is easy to cause electric shock accidents...
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The invention relates to a protection cover used in cooperation with a wiring board. The protection cover comprises a containing cavity for containing the wiring board, and a cover plate. The cover plate is hinged to one side of the containing cavity. The containing cavity comprises a base plate and a side plate fixed to the upper portion of the base plate, the cover plate is hinged to the side plate, and a first notch and a second notch are formed in the side plate of the containing cavity and the cover plate respectively. The protection cover is specially designed, the wiring board is arranged in the protection cover, accidents caused by carelessly touching or stepping the wiring board can be avoided, and welding slag can also be prevented from falling into socket apertures of the wiring board during welding work.

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  • Wiring board protection cover
  • Wiring board protection cover


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[0012] The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments. The wiring board protective cover of the present invention includes an accommodating cavity 1 for placing the wiring board, and a cover plate 2, the cover board 2 and the accommodating cavity 1 One side of the accommodating cavity is hingedly connected, the accommodating cavity includes a bottom plate, a side plate fixed on the upper part of the bottom plate, the cover plate 2 is hingedly connected to the side plate, the side plate of the accommodating cavity 1 and the The cover plate 2 is provided with a first slot 3 and a second slot 4 respectively.
[0013] Further, the first slot 3 is a U-shaped slot that opens from the upper end of the side plate of the accommodating cavity and extends downward, and the second side is opened on the cover plate opposite to the hinge end. The notch 4, the shape of the second notch 4 is T-shape.
[0014] Further, the accommodating cavity 1 and the cover plate 2 are made of non-conductive materials.
[0015] Further, the materials of the accommodating cavity 1 and the cover plate 2 are transparent plexiglass.
[0016] Beneficial effects: The present invention specially designs a protective cover, in which a wiring board is placed, which can prevent accidents from accidentally touching or stepping on the wiring board, and can also prevent welding slag from falling into the wiring board during welding operations. in the socket hole.


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